Alice 19th

One day, on her way to school, Alice spots a bunny in the middle of the road. A car is about to hit it so Alice, without thinking, runs out to save it, only she ends up getting saved by her classmate and crush, Kyo. A little while later the bunny takes off, much to Alice's disappointment. She finds a pretty bracelet that reminds her of the bunny, so she keeps it. When Alice gets in a fight with her seemingly perfect sister, Mayura, she wishes her sister would disappear. Mayura does disappear, into the darkness inside her heart. Alice is revisited by the mysterious bunny who turns out to be a magical being, who tells her she must become a Lotis Master. Alice must now team up with Frei, a bold Lotis Master, Kyo, and the rabbit-like being to save her sister and heal the darkness in people's hearts.

At first this series did not interest me at all. After reading a few volumes I found I actually did like this series quite a lot. Yuu Watase is great at including humor at just the right times. The romance is true, undying and pure, as in all of Yuu Watase's manga. The cover, which I thought was beautiful, really attracted me to the manga (I liked Alice's costume -_-). I was expecting an Alice in Wonderland-type story when I heard about the rabbit and little girl named Alice, but it was (of course) completely different. I was reminded of Fushigi Yuugi because of the main character who gains a magical role, surrounded by cute, magical guys.

This series was created by Yuu Watase.

Rated 13+ for slight swearing and some more mature scenes.


Alice Seno- A sweet high school girl. She values her family and friends' happiness and endures a lot for them. Alice doesn't speak her mind and is shy. Alice feels like she can't connect with her dad and that her parents favor her sister, who she adores as well. Alice is able to become a Lotis Master and goes around collecting powers. She was too shy to tell Kyo about her feelings of love for him.

Mayura Seno- She is Alice's older sister. Mayura is very popular. She fell in love with Kyo and was upset when she learned Alice liked him as well. When Alice accidentally wishes her to disappear she is sent within the dark part of her heart. There she is completely taken over by darkness. She soon only cares about getting Kyo to love her and is happy to hurt Alice if she stands in her way.

Kyo Wakamiya- Alice's crush and classmate. He was good friends with Mayura and started dating her. He was very confused about his relationship with Alice and Mayura (seeing Mayura as only a friend). He has a dark secret and violent past. Kyo, also, has the ability to become a Lotis Master. Kyo helps Alice search for her sister and heal people's hearts. He lives with his aunt and uncle, who find it odd that he keeps bringing home strange girls (and sometimes boys ^.^) He can't stand Frei.

Nyozeka- She can take on different forms (a bunny, a rabbit-girl, or a plushie). She first meets Alice in form of a bunny. Nyozeka gives Alice the Lotis bracelet. She, also, helps/guides Alice through her magical journey.

Frei- He is an experienced Lotis Master. He is constantly flirting with girls and proposed to Alice upon meeting her. He stays with Kyo (annoying Kyo), and helps Alice along her journey.



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