Anti-Gravity Boy

Fuuko is a normal high school girl with a passion for photography. One day she comes by Ruka, a boy with an interesting power, and is attracted by him. Ruka can control his gravity, allowing him to float, walk on walls, ect. Fuuko tries to get him to pose for a picture so she can win prize money from a photography contest, but he tries to distance himself from her. After realizing Fuuko will not be giving up he decides to pose for a picture if it will get her to leave him alone. Fuuko is happy, until she realizes Ruka's power has rubbed off on her, now she can control gravity too! This is the beginning of the many adventures Fuuko will face along with the mysterious Ruka and his friends.

Anti-Gravity Boy has such lovable characters. I don't find Fuuko intolerably sweet and cheerful, which are common characteristics in quite a few shoujo characters. (Spoilers in the following sentences!) Fuuko didn't pout and cry when she was turned down by Ruka, but accepted it and stayed friends. She didn't dwell on his rejection, which was kind of refreshing. (End of spoilers!)

Azuki Ryou created Anti-Gravity Boy. It is two volumes long (13 chapters). It has not been published in English.

I haven't seen anything wrong with this series. It should be okay for all ages.


Fuuko- Our athletic, determined main character. Fuuko is a normal girl who just happens to come across Ruka's powers. She thinks he could help make a great picture that she could enter in a contest and win the money prize. After much (what I would call) stalking Ruka agrees. ^_^; Fuuko was spending so much time with Ruka that his powers rubbed off on her. Now Fuuko can control her gravity too and soon becomes Ruka's friend.

Ruka- Ruka is the source of this strange gravity power that can be given to others if he spends too much time with them. Ruka is usually quiet and keeps away from most people. He follows everything his close friend, Natsuki, says out of guilt.

Natsuki- He has been friends with Ruka for a long time, therefore he also has Ruka's power. After an accident taking place a while ago Ruka feels guilty towards Natsuki because the gravity power caused it. Fuuko and Natsuki really don't get along. ^ ^;

Yumi- Yumi is Natsuki's girlfriend and long-time friend of Ruka. She also was given Ruka's power, though it's not as strong as Natsuki's. She is very nice and very pretty.

Choro- He is Ruka's pet fox. Ruka can relate to Choro, who is afraid of humans and can't get close to them. However Choro warms up to Ruka and they seem to be together often.



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