Ayashi no Ceres (Ceres: Celestial Legend)

Aya Mikage is happily living a normal life as a normal high school girl, that is until her sixteenth birthday. It seems the Mikage family are descendents from a tennyo ("heavenly maiden"), Ceres. A long time ago when Ceres was on Earth her hagoromo was stolen, resulting in her not being ale to return to heaven. The man who stole it forced Ceres to marry him or he would not return it. Ceres never got her hagoromo back and she is very angry about that. She comes back time after time inside the bodies of certain women in the Mikage family. On a girl's sixteenth birthday she is tested by the rest of the Mikage family to find out if Ceres reside within her. If she does the girl is killed. Aya was one of the girls that had Ceres within her, but she managed to get away from her family without being killed. Aya must now struggle to escape her family and their hired assassins, but even worse things happen! Aki, Aya's beloved twin brother, has the soul of the man who stole Ceres hagoromo residing in him. Aya also seems to be in a "Romeo and Juliet" situation with Toya, the Mikage's hired gun.

This series is much darker then Yu Watase's other works (such as Fushigi Yugi or Imadoki). Having your own family trying to kill you has to very hard to handle. Not to mention having an alter-ego (Ceres) trying to take over your body. Fans of Fushigi Yugi won't be disappointed with the number of attractive men in this series! Aya (and Miaka) are lucky to be surrounded (not to mention loved) by such cute guys! ^.^ The art is very pretty and the plot has lots of twists and turns (not all of which being nice and happy).

Ayashi no Ceres was created by Yu Watase. Viz is publishing both the manga and anime in English.

There are some mature subjects. I'll rate it 12+.


Aya Mikage- She is the determined and strong main character. On Aya's sixteenth birthday her life drastically changed. After finding out Aya posses the alter-ego of Ceres her family tries to kill her, but Aya escapes. She is taken in by Suzumi, but is not safe yet. After meeting Toya, Aya falls deeply in love with him. When Aya is in trouble she can change into Ceres, but she doesn't want to. She has a hard time keeping herself from transforming, but in the end she realizes she may just have to.

Toya- He is a man without a past... Toya is hired by the Mikage family to capture tennyo an protect Aki. In exchange, the Mikage family will help him remember his past (with their technology) which he has forgotten completely. Toya is very strong and can be cold sometimes. He finds himself falling in love with Aya but has a hard time expressing his feelings.

Yuhi Aogiri- He is Suzumi's brother-in-law and was told to protect Aya. He is currently living with them and begins to fall in love with Aya. He had an unhappy childhood and is an exquisite cook. Yuhi is pretty short-tempered and quick to act.

Suzumi- Another descendent of a tennyo, Suzumi is beautiful, but does not possess powers like Aya's. Suzumi married Yuhi's brother who has passed away. Yuhi was living with her when she took Aya into their care.

Aki Mikage- Aya's twin brother. He is very close to his sister and they love each other very much. Aki's has the alter-ego of the man who stole Ceres's hagoromo. Aki's alter-ego, who is cruel and obsessed with getting Ceres back, takes him over.

Chidori Kuruma- The super-cute Chidori looks younger then her age, which is sixteen. Yuhi and Aya mistake her as a grade-school kid. Chidori can be a little pushy and whiney (very child-like), but she sometimes acts mature. She loves Yuhi and has a little brother who she cares about a lot. Chidori becomes very close to Aya and Yuhi and even moves in with them. She possesses the power of a tennyo as well. (* I just lover her! ^_^ *)

Mrs. Q - Suzumi's servant who considers herself to be very beautiful. She will compare herself with beautiful Japanese celebrities quite often. She helps add comedy to Ayashi no Ceres. (Self-confidence is a good thing, but this is stretching it...)

Kagami Mikage- He is Aya's cousin and a real creep! He has no problem with manipulating people and will do anything (even kill people) to get what he wants.



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