Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers)

Tsukushi is a normal girl whose parents send her to a school for rich kids, hoping she will marry rich and help them with their financial troubles. She is disgusted to find a group of boys who bully people in the school. The group calls themselves the F4, and are actually very popular. They're all rich and somewhat spoiled. When the F4 sticks a red tag on your locker at school that means they declare war and the rest of the school automatically starts to tease and bully them. Tsukushi wont stand for this and stands up to them. This earns her a red tag, but that wont stop Tsukushi. She declares war back on the F4, but things won't be easy for her. To complicate things worse Tsukushi loves Rui, a member of F4, but the leader of F4, Domyoji, loves her.

At first I thought Boys Over Flowers was going to be a very slow, dragged out series (after seeing how many volumes there were). But I found the amount of volumes, even though it is large, suitable for this series without causing a very slow pace. Boys Over Flowers was a very sweet romance that I enjoyed reading.

Yako Kamio created this manga. There is an anime series as well as movies. Both the manga and anime are being published in English by Viz.

There are some questionable scenes/topics (for example F4 are constantly trying to sleep with women). This would probably be 14+.


Tsukushi- She is the bold, independent main character. She stands up for what she believes in and values frienship highly. After meeting the F4 her life is drastically changed. Tsukushi has a major crush on Rui at first, but soon begins to fall in love with Domyoji.

Domyoji- He is very rich and has a scary mother. Domyoji obviously cares very deeply for Tsukushi, even though he is a little mean to her at first. ^^

Rui- The object of Tsukushi's affection, and very handsome. He is member of the F4 for most of the series. He helps Tsukushi have confidence in herself, though his feelings aren't really clear at first.



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