Call Me Princess

Call Me Princess is an adorable manga! Mako is a girl waiting for her prince charming. Her prince charming is someone just like her brother-in-law. Lucky Mako, he has a little brother named Ryu. Ryu isn't like his brother though. He gets into all sorts of trouble. Ryu has to move in with Mako and her parents. At first Mako is annoyed by it, but she soon falls in love with Ryu. Could he be her prince charming? Her long-time friend, Yo, doesn't think so. In fact, he thinks he (Yo) is.

Call Me Princess is a sweet first-love type manga. I like how Mako is drawn. Her hair reflects her moods (in locks if she's happy and straight if she's not.) As in all (or most, anyway) great manga there is a love triangle. This manga was kind of plain. I didn't see anything "special" about it. It's a lovable story, but that's not enough for me.

Personally, I think it leaves something to be desired. One good point is it is very realistic and you can really understand the character's feelings.

It was created by Tomoko Taniguchi. It's one volume long (in gn form.) There is no anime as far as I know. It has been published in English by CPM Manga.

Nothing inappropriate about this book. It's okay for all ages.


Makoto- A cute, teenage girl. She must choose between her long-time friend, Yo, and bad boy, Ryo. She's somewhat 'silly', if that is the proper word. Mako is a very caring person. She hates when people are mad at her.


Ryu- He has had a hard life, and hates his brother. Ryu is a labeled a "bad boy", though he isn't that bad. He likes motorcycles a lot.

Yo- Yo has been Mako's friend since they were small. He always does what she says (usually without any complaint.) He has a crush on her, and is in some ways jealous of Ryu.


Maki- Mako's best friend. Maki has a crush on Yo, and is upset that Mako strings 'two' boys along.




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