The Cherry Project

The Cherry Project stars Chieri, an excellent figure skater. But she only figure skates for fun. When three guys transfer to her school, and start the Cherry Project things change. Chieri joins a skating club and competes. But things aren't easy for her. She can copy others' skating, and can't always seem to help it. Finding a unique style is hard. Also, she develops a crush on Tsuzuki, on of the transfer students. But he is very cold towards her. How will things turn out...?

The Cherry Project is a sweet romance. It also is full of skating. (So if there are any skating fans out there, this book is for you.) I personally liked this book. Not only was there a love triangle there was adventure (the skating ect.) and I found the characters fun to watch develop.

It was created by Naoko Takeuchi. I don't believe it has been published in English. I'm not sure if an anime series has been made of this particular series. Though, I don't think so.

The Cherry Project "should" be okay for all ages... There isn't anything inappropriate.


Chieri (Cherry)- Cherry started figure skating later then the othe characters, but is still very talented. She has the ability to perfectly copy other skaters' techniques and moves. She has a crush on Tsuzuki. Cherry is a very determined girl, who doesn't give up easily. Her father was a champion skater and her mother died when she was little.

Tsuzuki- A fantastic skater who started young. He quit skating long ago because of his father. His dream is to pair skate. He is looking for a partner... and then comes upon Cherry. His mother dies giving birth to him, and his father is very protective of him.

Canty (Princess)- Canty started skating at a very young age. She is graceful and wonderful on the ice. She also has a crush on Tsuzuki, and dislikes Cherry.

Kouichi- One of Tsuzuki's friends. He helps Tsuzuki look for a skating partner. He also worries about Cherry a lot.

Hiroshi- Another one of Tsuzuki's friends. He also helps him look for a skating partner.

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