Corrector Yui

Corrector Yui stars a young girl named Yui. Yui loves to dream, especially of super heroes. Yui lives in the future, where it is very technical, but Yui has a hard time using a computer. One day Yui accidentally stumbles upon a creature in the computer (on the internet now called com-net.) It's name is I.R. and it tells her she is a corrector must be very talented with computers. I.R. tells Yui she will now help him find the other correctors scattered across the com-net as well as Professor Inukai. Yui is now a super hero, fighting evil viruses inside the computer! And that's only the beginning...

Corrector Yui is a shoujo manga meant for a younger audience I believe. It is very cute, and proves dreams can come true. There are about two battles between Yui and the evil force in each book. Though, no one gets badly hurt, as Yui wants to become friends with the evil force. (Sound familiar?) In each book Yui finds another Corrector and is one step closer to finding Pro. Inukai. I actually did like this book. But it definitely targets a younger age group.

It was created by Kia Asamiya and written and illustrated by Keiko Okamoto. It has been published in English by TokyoPop. It's 5 volumes long. An anime series has been made and is being published in English by Viz.

Corrector Yui is okay for all ages. (Though, a younger age group may enjoy it more in my opinion.)


Yui Kasuga- A fun-loving young girl in eight grade. Even though she isn't good when it comes to computers, she was chosen to be a Corrector. She is kind-hearted and doesn't seem to like fighting much. But, she can kick Grosser's butt! She has had a crush on her neighbor, Shun, for a long time.


IR- IR is one of eight Correctors. He is Yui's sidekick, and helps her find the other Correctors. He was created by Pro. Inukai.


Grosser- The big evil in this series. Grosser is a host computer that links all of the world's computers. He tries to destroy all of the Correctors and take over all computers, and mankind as well.


Professor Inukai- He created Grosser and the Correctors (the programs meant to stop him). Even though he has lost consciousness in the real world, he is on the move in Com-Net.


Shun Tojo- He is in college. Shun is smart, handsome and kind. He's also the object of Yui's affection.


Haruna Kisaragi- Haruna is Yui's best friend. She is really nice, and good at computers. Haruna was actually supposed to be a Corrector, but there was a mix up.



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