Delicious! stars Ringo, a young girl with the dream of being an excellent cook. She auditions to be the co-host of a new cooking show with her idol, the famous, young cook Mahito. Ringo gets the job, the only problem is she can't cook. Ringo's neighbor and close friend, Kazuomi, is a fantastic cook and helps Ringo learn new recipes before the show. Ringo's lack of cooking skills are not the only problem. She also has to deal with Mahito's jealous fans and her love life.

I really enjoyed Delicious!. It wasn't a serious manga which deals with difficult issues (like suicide, ect.) but a sweet manga with adorable characters. I liked the story, especially since I looooove food! ^^ I have do admit how dense Ringo was annoyed me at times, but other then that I found the characters darling.

Yui Ayumi created this manga. I do not think there is an anime made of this series. It ran in Nakayoshi, a manga 'phonebook'.

This story is fine for all ages in my opinion.


Ringo- Ringo is the cute, yet dense star of Delicious!. She is the co-host of a cooking show, but she's not a very good cook. Ringo gets Kazuomi to teach her recipes before the show and make lunchboxes for her. ^^ She idolizes Mahito and loves him in the beginning.

Kazuomi- Kazuomi is Ringo's good friend as well as neighbor. He does the chores and cooks at home because he lives alone with his mom, who has to work. Kazuomi is a wonderful cook and helps out Ringo. He cares a great deal for Ringo and is often jealous of Mahito.

Mahito- Mahito is a famous cook with many fans, Ringo being one of them. He is very kind and sweet. He hosts a cooking show wit the help of Ringo. Mahito loves Ringo as well.

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