Eerie Queerie!

Mitsuo is a quiet, friendless high school boy, who likes to be left alone. Too bad for him he has a special ability. Mitsuo can see and communicate with ghosts. Also, a ghost can take over his body. Mitsuo happens to come across female ghosts who use his body to complete unfinished business, so they can pass on. This usually end up Mitsuo in very embarrassing situations. These ghostly encounters annoy Mitsuo as the ghosts who take over his body usually make him hug, kiss, or flirt with others guys. After starting (and ending) a so-called relationship with his male classmate, Hasunuma, due to a ghost he becomes good friends with him.

This story is really amusing, but I do feel sorry for innocent little Mitsuo at times. This series really shows how pushy girls can be to be with the one they care about. ^.^ There are a lot of boys cuddling with other boys in this, so be warned. I can't say I like the English name, but once you get past that this manga is pretty good.

This series was created by Shuri Shiozu. It has been published in English by TokyoPop.

This series is rated 16+. There are some mature themes (like Mitsuo's ...questionable...dream).


Mitsuo- His parents work a lot and doesn't have any friends, so he spends most of his time alone. That is, until Kiyomi, a female ghost who took over his body, changed all that. Mitsuo can see and hear ghosts, much to his misfortune. They can take over his body, which usually end in him having made a move on one of his male classmates. He is actually pretty naive and doesn't realize Hasunuma keeps hitting on him.


Hasunuma- He became close to Mitsuo after helping him get rid of a ghost that wouldn't stop taking over his body. He is now a true friend to Mitsuo and one of the only ones who know about his super-natural gift. He is always hugging, kissing, and groping Mitsuo, saying it's the kind of thing friends are supposed to do.


Ichi- A skilled soccer player. After witnessing the death of a woman when he was a child he took the blame onto himself and quit soccer. When that woman's ghost takes over Mitsuo he is convinced to take up soccer again and comes to terms with the incident. He seems to having feelings for Mitsuo...


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