Forbidden Dance

Aya Fujii was a fantastic ballet dancer, graceful and beautiful. One day, at a competition, she falls causing her to have stage fright from then on. After her stage fright causes her to mess up a second performance she quits ballet. A classmate notices she is depressed and asks her to come and see him and his dance group perform. He is a part of COOL. All of the members of COOL can jump high and have amazing energy. They raise Aya's spirits and so she decides she wants to join their dance team. After making a rather crazy display of herself, begging to be a part of the group, the leader, Akira, tells her she can join if she takes first place in the next Nation Ballet Competition. Later Aya finds that COOL is an all-male dance group. Akira turns out to be extremely serious and strict when it comes to dance. Aya grows nervous about the competition, but is determined to join COOL. After being criticized by a competition judge and having glass put in her shoe one of Aya's close friends turns on her.

I thought the art was average and felt iffy about the story, but I gave it a try since I liked ballet. I became fairly interested in the series and am

starting to collect it. It really does show the competition there is when it comes to ballet.

Forbidden Dance was created by Hinako Ashihara. The manga is currently being published in English by TokyoPop.

I haven't read much of this series so far, so I will go with the rating on the back of the book, which is13+.


Aya- The main character. She seems to possess the common characteristics of shoujo heroines, such as being determined, just and extreme. She seems very taken by Akira's energy and passion for dance. Yoshino, a fellow dancer, is extremely jealous of Aya.


Akira- The leader of COOL, the ballet troupe. He is very serious about dance and won't accept anything less than perfect from others and himself. Make one mistake and he will kick you out of COOL. He is a hard worker.


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