Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is a lovely tale of Tohru, a girl who has recently lost her mother. She has no where to stay so sets up camp in a forest. The forest belongs to the Sohma Family. When the Sohmas find out about Tohru they invite her to live with them if she'll cook and clean. So Tohru moves in with three male members of the Sohma Family. Little does she know they possess an enormous secret. When a member of the Sohma Family is hugged by the opposite sex they turn into animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

This really is a touching manga. The characters are just so sweet (well, most of them). There are quite a few heart-warming moments in this series. The fact that Tohru is still so unbelievably cheerful and smiley (sometimes a little too cheerful) even after all of the troubles she has went through (loosing both parents and her home) is so darling.

Fruits Basket was created by Takaya Nasuki. There is an anime made of it. Even though the manga is not being published in English the anime has been (by FUNimation). I admit that I have not read the manga yet, but I have seen all the anime episodes that are out so far.

Fruits Basket does have slight swearing and Shigure does say some suggestive things. It would be okay for 12 and up. I think this manga/anime is just beautiful and very heart-warming.


Tohru Honda- Tohru is the main character of this story. She has lost both her parents, but still remains hopeful and perky. Though, she can be a little too cheerful sometimes. Tohru wins over almost all of the hearts of the people she meets. She helps out members of the Sohma Family and seems to make a new friend in every episode (or book). Tohru can be a little clueless sometimes.


Yuki Sohma- Yuki is considered the "prince" of his high school. He's good looking, smart and available. ^ ^ Yuki is also very quiet and doesn't really open up to people. Being popular at school makes it hard on him. Girls are constantly trying to hug him, and the is very... unfortunate. Yuki turns into a rat when he is hugged by girls. Yuki has admiration for Miss Honda (as he calls her) and falls in love with her. Yuki has suffered much in the past and has emotional damage.


Kyo Sohma- Kyo is short-tempered, loud and violent. He constantly fights with Yuki, usually destroying the house. Even though he always acts tough and doesn't seem to like Tohru he slowly falls in love with her.

Shigure Sohma- Shigure lives with Tohru, Kyo and Yuki. He actually owns the house that is often demolished by Yuki and Kyo. He is usually happy and joking around. Shigure often comments on Yuki and Kyo's feelings for Tohru. Even though he seems to "come on" to Tohru he knows he's too old for her and doesn't love her in that way.

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