Ran Kotobuki comes from a family of police. Her father wants her to train to become a cop, but she would rather go shopping. Even though Ran says she doesn't want to follow the path laid before her by her parents she is always solving crimes or righting wrongs. Ran has to continually find easy ways to get money, rival the annoying duo of gals who keep trying to take over Shibuya, and find new excuses for not doing her homework at the same time. Life is so hard when you're a gal.

This is a light-hearted series with really cute outfits. ^.^ There's no real plot, just the everyday lives of the exciting gal, Ran. I thought the series was pretty cute and really funny. It does have it's serious moments, though. The characters definitely drive the series, so if you don't like them don't bother reading/watching the series. I liked the characters so I found myself, also, liking GALS!

Created by Fujii Mihona. There is an anime, which is being dubbed in English by ADV Films.

There is some swearing and adult themes. It would probably be okay for ages 13+.


Ran- The number one "gal" in Shibuya. She's strong, beautiful and constantly running out of money. She loves pretty clothes and expensive jewelry. Ran cares about her friends even more than the latest styles. She is always seeming to right wrongs and help people all over Shibuya, usually kicking the bad guy's butt in the process. Ran has guys chasing after her, but she won't date just anybody. Ran has one bad temper.

Miyu- Ran's closest friend. She is very sweet and innocent. Miyu is head over heals in love with Ran's brother (who loves her, too), Yamato. She use to be a gang leader and hurt a lot of people until Yamato came into her life. Miyu is always trying to make up for her past by doing good deeds. She is also a gal, and has flashy clothes and jewelry, too.

Aya- She is a top student, but felt smothered and controlled by her parents. Ran helped Aya through a difficult time and Aya, then, became a gal, as well. She has a crush on Rei. Aya is also close friends with Ran.

Yuuya "Second Place"- The poor GL (good looking) guy who has a crush on the dense Ran. Oblivious to his feelings Ran constantly hits him up for food (she's always hungry) and homework answers. He is very popular with the girls, but is determined to go out with Ran. "Second Place" was given this nickname because he was voted the second most popular guy.

Tatsuki- The somewhat crazy guy who falls for Ran. He's a great dancer and a bit wild. He says some odd things and is always getting on Yuuya's nerves. Ran finds Tatsuki hilarious, and even though she can't get his name right, said yes when he asked her out.

Rei- Extremely smart and good looking. He was voted most popular in a magazine. He doesn't show much emotion and seems cold at times, but always knows the right thing to say. He is Yuuya's best friend and finds Ran spoiled.

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