Episode 1

Ran, the number one gal in Shibuya, is telling a guy off after being hit on by him. Ran ends up getting into a fight with the guy's girlfriend, but is carried off by a police officer. The police officer turns out to be her brother, Yamato. After Yamato yells at Ran Miyu, another super cute gal, comes. She is bringing Yamato, her boyfriend, a lunch.

Later, at school Ran is sleeping and Aya is introduced to us a good student.

Ran sees a new bag, which is trendy, and decides to get one. She hears a rumor that Aya is going on subsidized dates. While searching for the bag Ran sees Aya and follows her. She finds out Aya really is going on subsidized dates.

Soon after, Ran finally finds the bag she wants. The only problem is it's on Rei, a teen idol. Ran is insulted by Rei and storms away&ldots; with the bag. When Ran realized that she stole the bag she is annoyed with herself since she doesn't believe in stealing.

Ran confronts Aya and tries to talk her out of going on the subsidized dates with no avail.

Later, Miyu spots Aya and Ran figures she must be going on another date. She ends up falling on Rei's bike and gets a ride to where Aya is. Ran gives Aya a speech, helping her realize her mistake and they become friends. In the end, Rei lets Ran keep the bag. ^__^;

Episode 2

Ran is pouting about the fact that she is out of money when her parents come in and talk to her about how they want her to be a police officer. Ran refuses to be a cop. She gets a part-time job of "righting wrongs".

Ran tries to catch a purse-snatcher, but they get away. Later, Ran sees some girl at school and we later find out that she is stealing because her boyfriend threatens to dump her if she doesn't.

Later, Ran gets arrested for phone-hunting. It turns out someone is using her name, but the message is still up so they arrange to meet with her (the phone-hunter framing Ran).

Yuuya, a cute guy who likes Ran and another teen idol, dresses up as an old man, while the others (Ran, etc.) hide around that area. The girl comes with her boyfriend and he tries to rob Yuuya, but when the girl says not to he pushes her. Yuuya's wig falls off, ending the charade. Ran comes out from hiding and gives a speech, helping the girl realize how her boyfriend is using her. (Ran beats him up a little too. ^.^) Ran gets her 500 yen (for righting wrongs), but looses it. ^_^;

Episode 3

Miyu considers getting a red streak in her hair, which signifies having a boyfriend. She reveals she has been getting creepy love letters.

The three gals (Ran, Miyu, and Aya) are hanging out at the police box making noise. Yamato, who is growing increasingly more annoyed, asks Miyu to leave because it's late, but she doesn't want to go to a lonely home. He stands by his decision. Miyu gets mad, telling him she is popular and may just cheat on him, and leaves. Yamato is upset. We see Miyu is being followed.

The next day Miyu is feeling down. When Miyu is alone a boy confronts her (he's the one who sent the creepy love letters). He asks her out, but Miyu says no, so he grabs her arm and tries to convince her to go out. Ran sees this and gets him off of Miyu, saying she (Miyu) has a boyfriend, shocking the love letter guy.

Later, Ran is talking to Yamato. She gets him to realize he's acting like a "cop" and not a "man" with Miyu. Ran tells Yamato to tell Miyu his feelings.

Rei and Yuuya are acting as Miyu's bodyguards. While Rei is at an interview Ran comes and gets Miyu and Yuuya. Aya comments on being dragged around and Rei says she could stay with him and he'll take her home after the interview.

Soon after, the creepy love letter guy comes and, thinking Yuuya is her boyfriend, takes out a knife. A little knife won't scare Ran off and she beats him up a bit. ^_^; Miyu tells the guy about her past as a gang leader and Yamato show shows up. The guys runs away after realizing Miyu is a "gangster". Yamato hugs Miyu and tells her how much he loves her.

Miyu decides she doesn't need a red streak (to show creepy boys she has a boyfriend -_-) because Yamato will protect her. While on the topic of boyfriends Aya is asked if she likes anyone at which she blushes.

Episode 4

 Ran takes a test, which says she has bad luck with guys. This makes her angry.

On the street she bumps into a guy who seems decent and asks her out. Ran is happy she didn't attract a creep for once and seems to be falling in love.

On their date Rei sees them and indicates that he (the boy Ran is dating) is a loser.

Later, the guy gets a call from the girl (whose boyfriend Ran beat up) who asks if things are going as planned.

Miyu, Aya, and Ran are talking. Miyu thinks Ran is just in love with love. Ran is upset by this comment and storms off.

Ran is with her boyfriend. He reveals to her that he was hired to get close to her and then beat her up, but he can't do it. He's fallen in love with Ran. The girl who hired him comes and Ran beats her up. The guy says he loves Ran, but she says he missed his chance.


Episode 5

It's exam time and Ran asks for Aya's help to study. Some girls tell Aya she's changed and is goofing off a lot. Another girl, Mami, bumps into Ran and basically starts a fight. Mami is another gal who is Ran's rival. Mami and Ran start to fight, but a police officer come and everyone leaves.

Later, Aya is called to the guidance room with her parents. After the meeting she asks Miyu and Ran never to talk to her again. Her grades have gone down and she is in big trouble. Aya talks about the constant pressure she feels and how she thinks she let them down. We see Aya studying alone, while the gals are having fun.

Mami is trying to invade Ran's turf (Shibuya).

Aya thinks of how Ran helped her (in episode one). She is sitting outside when Rei comes. He is waiting for Yuuya. She talks to him about her problems, how she blamed her friends, how she's not actually smart, and does stuff that makes her hate herself. She feels her life is becoming worthless. She begins to cry and Rei tells her to live and be happy in the present. He gives her a handkerchief, saying it looks like he made her cry (to the people around them). Yuuya shows up and Rei invites her to come along.

Mami and a group of guys come and one grabs Aya. Ran comes and beats the guys up, scaring off Mami. Aya and the gals are back to being good friends.



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