Episodes 6

Ran and the gang decide to go to the beach. We are introduced to Ran's little sister, Sayo. Aya works hard making cookies for Rei. The whole gang is having fun at the beach, while back on the streets of Shibuya the Bokuro gals are taking over Ran's turf. When Ran returns from the beach she reclaims Shibuya.

Episode 7

Ran is out of money again. Isn't she always?

We learn that Miyu is collecting stickers for every good deed she does in a little booklet. She needs 100 stickers for her wish to come true. While picking up trash, when the Bokuro girls drop by for a little visit.

Later, Miyu gets a message on her cell phone. The person says they will tell people about how bad she truly is.

Yamato and Miyu have a heart to heart talk.

While in computer class (they are learning how to use e-mail) an e-mail is sent saying Miyu was in a gang and she is bad. Everyone sees this message and rumors fly.

Miyu has flashbacks of the days she was in a gang.

Miyu runs into some guys with pipes at the park. Their intent is clear; to hurt Miyu. Meanwhile, Ran is trying to get to her.

Episode 8

Miyu starts to fight back against the pipe-wielding opponents when Ran comes. Ran tells Miyu to back off or the situation is going to get scary. The guys end up being weak cowards.

Miyu and the group try to get more information on Miyu's stalker.

Later, Miyu is confronted by the stalker, who turns out to be Mami's sidekick, Hurue. Hurue's boyfriend left because Miyu beat him in a gang fight and so he could no longer be leader of his gang. Hurue thinks Miyu fought unfairly. Really, it was Hurue's boyfriend who set Miyu up, ambushing and outnumbering her. Hurue realizes her boyfriend left because he didn't love her. Hurue apologizes and if comforted by the usually cruel Mami.

Episode 9

Sayo tells Ran the stroy of her romance with her boyfriend.

In the police box, a man comes with a toy gun (pretending it is real), wanting Yamato to apologize for giving him a parking ticket, which ended up ruining his life. The man runs away after Yamato realizes the gun is fake. Sayo and Misato (Sayo's boyfriend) follow the man.

Ran and her mother think Sayo and Misato are being kidnapped and track them down. Meanwhile, the man tells the two kids how that ticket ruined his life. He hasn't seen his daughter in years (after his wife left him). He was going to meet her today. He gets cold feet, but Sayo talks him into going to her.




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