Episodes 10

Tatsuki, a young man who is a good para-para dancer, comes to Shibuya.

Yuuya continues pining away over Ran. Ran mentions to Yuuya that he is such a "nice guy", being more than a friend, but less than a boyfriend. Poor Yuuya.

Later, Ran meets Tatsuki. They have fun dancing together and Ran finds him funny/amusing. Rumours fly about Ran and Tatsuki dating (and about how Tatsuki is just a "stupid show-boy").

Subsequently, Mami and Ran have a ping-pong showdown to determine who the true super gal is. Of course, Ran wins. Tatsuki asks Ran out and she accepts, crushing Yuuya.

Episode 11

Yuuya is depressed about Ran dating someone else.

Yuuya goes bowling with Ran and the gang. He tries to show off, but ends up loosing. Yuuya, fed up, challenges Tatsuki. This challenge turns into a Grand Prix, with all of the guys in the area, and the prize is Ran as a girlfriend. After a hard course Yuuya and Tatsuki ends up tying. Ran thanks Yuuya for watching out for her, not realizing he actually loves her, thinking he was just protecting a friend.

Episode 12

Ran becomes friends with a girl who is really good at kendo. She ends up having to move, or so Ran hears. Ran works hard at many jobs to earn enough money to buy the girl a dress. When they were shopping the girl and Ran made a deal and Ran promised to buy her the dress. Ran rushes to the airport to give the girl the dress, before her friend leaves. It turns out it her friend's brother that i the one moving. ^_^;

Episode 13

Ran and the gang go to an arcade. They play a game that supposedly grants wishes. Ran is wished to be polite and a good student.

Later, Ran is totally different. She is sweet, gentle, obedient, and (gasp) a good student.

Sayo thinks Ran is an alien and tries to prove it.

The gang all wants to wish the old Ran back, but the machine was sent a scrap-yard to be destroyed. The gang tracks down the machine and turns Ran back into her normal, lovable self (but not before she scares Mami a whole lot).

Episode 14

A young girl travels a long way to Shibuya just so she can meet Ran, the super gal! She wants to become Ran's apprentice, but Ran thinks she would be too annoying. After some convincing from Miyu and Aya, Ran decides the girl can be her apprentice for a while. Ran gives her a makeover, allowing the girl to use her old gal clothes from when she was younger. The girl expects Ran to do all of these preposterous things that fake interviews in magazines said Ran thought were important.

The girl finds that if she tells people she knows Ran they will treat her extra nice. She gets carried away and the guys she played get mad. Ran comes to her rescue, thankfully. The girl realizes the things written in the gals magazines she read weren't important, but the things Ran told her about (like, having heart).




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