Episode 15

Yuuya is depressed because he is not Ran's boyfriend. Elsewhere, Ran wins a snowboard and decides to go snowboarding at the indoor ski slopes with everyone. Ran talks to Rei, after bumping into him, about how he's leading Aya on, not showing up at the last place she invited him. Ran gets him to apologize and come accept when Aya invites him snowboarding with everyone. When Yuuya finds out that Tatsuki has never been snowboarding before he sees his chance to impress Ran and outshine Tatsuki.

At the indoor ski slopes Yuuya is doing so pretty cool moves. Thinking Tatsuki will never be able to keep up he offers to teach him how to board. Tatsuki copies Yuuya's technique (just like when they were bowling ^_^;) and is even better than him.

Meanwhile, Aya is happy to be able to spend time with Rei, who is teaching her how to fall.

Yuuya is angry. He starts a snowball fight with Tatsuki. When Tatsuki asks him who Yuuya is to Ran he doesn't know how to answer. He runs away from the group.

Aya comes and comforts Yuuya, telling him if he like Ran enough to suffer that much things will get better some day. Then, Ran comes and drags him back to the group. She shows him a message Tatsuki and her made in the snow to cheer him up. Yuuya makes up with Tatsuki.

Mami comes by and ruins their snow drawing. This leads to Ran and Mami having a snowboarding battle. While they're on their way down the hill a giant snowman's head starts to tumble after them. Yuuya saves Ran, using some wicked snowboard moves. Tatsuki tries to save Mami, but when he picks her up she starts screaming, telling him not to touch her, causing them to fall over and be squished. Needless to say, Tatsuki regrets trying to save Mami. ^.^;

Episode 16

It is Miyu and Yamato's two-year anniversary. Ran remembers it is, also, the day she got her first perm. Ran tells us about how it happened. In middle school, Ran had to do a certain amount of good deeds for her parents to buy her a perm. After getting caught sneaking into school with a bag full of makeup (which she shouldn't have) all of her hard work could go down the drain. The teacher promises not to call her parents is she will keep Miyu, one of his troubled students and her classmate, out of trouble at school.

After Miyu hits the teacher Ran tells her to calm down, but ends up getting a desk thrown at her by an agitated Miyu.

We, later, see Yamato as a new, rookie cop. He has Miyu in for interrogation after she tried to shoplift. When he turns around to think about how he could help this person and touch her life, she escapes. ^_^;

The next day Miyu comes to class late, again. The teacher is annoyed with her behavior and tells her "we don't need you". Miyu has a hurt look on her face for a moment. She is about to beat him up when Ran gets annoyed and snaps at Miyu. Ran and Miyu are about to fight when the teachers separate them.

Later, Miyu is with her gang when two men passing by mention kids like them (referring to Miyu and her gang) are the scum of the earth. This sets Miyu off.

Yamato has Miyu in, again. He talks to her and comments about her mother coming to get her. Miyu tells him her mother won't be coming. Ever since her dad ran out on them she doesn't care about her and isn't even home most nights. Yamato apologizes for bringing it up. Miyu confides in Yamato and he gives her his cell phone number, saying he wants to help her. Miyu doesn't believe him and runs out. Yamato realizes he lost her again. ^__^;

After Miyu bets up some guys from another gang Ran tells her they can fight, now, with no interruptions (from teachers). They prove they're an equal match when it comes to fighting. They knock each other out. ^^

When Miyu wakes up she's in a hospital (lying close to Ran) and Yamato is sitting over her. He was called by the hospital because his number was found in her pocket. Yamato tells her that he was worried and makes her promise not to do something like that again. Miyu makes him pinky-swear he won't leave when thing get tough.

Back in the present day Yamato arrives at where Miyu and the gals were waiting. Miyu and him exchange gifts. Yamato has stuck by Miyu just like he promised.

Episode 17

The gals take a personality test. Aya is a mole. The mole is shy and if she is gloomy and mopes around, unable to voice her feelings for the one she loves, her crush will pick up on it and it will have a negative effect. Aya is depressed about this.

Later, after receiving report cards, Ran finds out she is the only one in the grade that has to stay for summer school.

Yuuya gets tickets for everyone to go to Odaiba.

Aya is gloomy about not being able to confess to Rei. Aya goes to Rei's work , but can't tell him she likes him.

Ran tells Aya she must confess to Rei during the trip. Ran, also, talks to Rei about how he is Aya's first love. Rei is about to respond when Yuuya, Tatsuki, Miyu, and Aya show up to go to Odaiba.

Episode 18

Sayo and Masato, who sneak along with Ran and the gang to Odaiba are trying to find their favorite television character (a detective). The kids sneak off, which Ran doesn't mind at all. Ran and the group runaway from Rei and Aya, so they can be alone. Rei invites her for a bite to eat.

Ran gets separated from Miyu, Tatsuki, and Yuuya. She meets a guy who starts to come on to her. He turns out to be Mami's boyfriend, who is realllllly mad. She challenges Ran to a fight. Ran whines saying that's boring and that she is hungry. Mami tells her to come back at five o'clock and to eat something by then.

Meanwhile, Aya tries to confess to Rei, but he interrupts her, saying "first love" is "too heavy" for him. He says she would get hurt and he is not good at relationships or commitment. He, then, leaves, while Aya cries.

The Junior Detectives (Masato and Sayo) finally meet their hero, the t.v. actor. They were spying on Ran before (when she was challenged to a fight) and tell Miyu and the group about Ran's fight.

Ran, who forgot about the fight, sees Mami, who is even more upset that she forgot. Ran, of course, ends up winning the fight. Then, she tells Mami she is tired of fighting and asks to be friends. Mami leaves dazed.



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