Episode 19

Yamato is annoyed with Ran, who was sunbathing in front of his police box. Ran complains about her bad allowance and having no money. Yamato tells Ran to get a job. Ran finds out that Tatsuki's birthday in a few days, but she can't buy him anything because she has no money. Yamato invites Miyu to the beach on Saturday, telling her not to tell Ran because he wants to be alone with her for once.

Ran decides to get a job because she really needs some money. Miyu and Yamato bump into Ran, Aya, Yuuya, and Tatsuki and the beach. It turns out she got a job at the beach house.

Aya is moping around. She is upset Rei rejected her. Ran cheers Aya up, convincing her not to give up.

Yamato is finally about to kiss Miyu for the first time when he starts to wonder if he's moving too fast. Ran, who was watching from behind a rock with Tatsuki and Aya, pops up and tells him to kiss her already and that he's a dork.

Yuuya, who was working at the same place as Ran, drew in all of the girls on the beach. Ran drew in all of the guys on the beach. Since they drew in such a crowd the boss gives Ran extra money and even gives Aya, Tatsuki, and Yuuya some money for helping.

Ran sees Mami on the beach and gives her a big hug, scaring Mami a bit. ^_^; Ran enters a beach volleyball contest with Mami as a partner because she wants the prize, a watermelon. They turn out to be a good pair (even though they keep arguing) and win.

Yamato is about to kiss Miyu, again, when he starts to have doubts again. Ran pops out, again, and yells at him. This time everyone is spying on them (even Mami).

Later, Ran blew all of her money at a sale, forgetting to buy Tatsuki's birthday, which is that day. She enters a raffle and wins a toy monkey, which she gives to Tatsuki as a present. He loves it, but we all knew he was weird.

Episode 20

Mami has a dream of when she was little. Her childhood friend saved her from a group of dogs chasing her. He was her first love. Sadly, he had to move far away, but is coming back to visit Japan. Mami doesn't want to let him know she is a gal and wants him to see her as an elegant young lady, 'acceptable' for her status.

When he arrives he wants to see Shibuya. Mami is sure she will end up running in to Ran, but can't say no to him. Mami decides to bring him to a high-class hotel (and entertainment center), where Ran couldn't afford to go. Ran ended up winning tickets to that hotel for a day. Mami is continually trying to avoid Ran, who keeps showing up at the same place as her.

When Ran finally runs into Mami she realizes Mami is trying to impress that guy and pretends she doesn't know her. Ran decides to follow her, but Mami realizes she would and runs away. She goes into an ally with her childhood friend, only to run into some thugs. Mami was about to fight them, when Ran comes and rescues them so Mami doesn't have to show who she really is. Her friends tells her to leave, but Mami says "that girl" just saved them. He tells her they shouldn't get involved with people like that (Ran). Mami decides to show her real self and fights the thugs with Ran, exposing her true self.

The next night she has a dream of another childhood love, who is, also, coming to visit. She starts planning her first date with him. Here we go again&ldots;

Episode 21

Aya tells Ran she hasn't talked to him since that time in Odaiba. Miyu tells Aya she still has a chance. The teacher overhears Ran telling her friends how she got Yuuya to do all of her homework.

Ran takes Aya to where he is acting as a DJ. Aya sees him smiling at a pretty girl and runs out. Rei sees her running out. Aya mentions how he never smiles at girls like that. Ran gets mad at Aya for always acting so gloomy and beating herself up. Ran tells her to like herself, no matter what. She tells Aya a gal's got to have guts.

Ran didn't do her homework and is talking to the teacher about it when another teacher comes to talk to her teacher. He, basically, insults their classes sports skills and calls them problem students no one wants. This upsets Ran. Ran's teacher says he would let her slip by without doing her homework if she can get their class to win the school sports contest. Aya, Miyu, and Ran are doing the relay.

Miyu decides to talk to Rei if they win the relay.

To get her class to be motivated and try hard Ran tells the class that their teacher is sick and if they win he might have a better chance of surviving. The class tells their teacher they will win for him, which touches him (he doesn't know about Ran's lie). Aya isn't very good at the relay, but works hard.

The gals end up winning the relay. The teacher (who insulted Ran's class before) is angered by his class's defeat and tells the team captain so.

Everyone found out Ran's lie so the class wants to kill her and the teacher tells her she has to do her homework, still. Aya realizes she must now talk to Rei (because of her promise to herself). When talking to Rei Aya starts to cry, saying she thought he didn't like her and asks who that girl was. It turns out she just worked at the place he was a DJ at.

Episode 22

Yuuya gets tickets for Miyu, Ran, and Aya for his (and Rei) school's festival (it's an all-boys school). Aya is happy Rei told her he doesn't "not like" her. Ran and Miyu are disappointed that is all that happened.

Tatsuki, who is very far away from the festival since he couldn't get in with no ticket, hears Ran scream (she was in a haunted house) and decides he must sneak in to see his Ran.

Yamato sends Sayo and Masato to make sure no boys hit on Miyu, but they become distracted watching a marathon of their favorite t.v. show.

Aya goes to see Rei, who is the broadcast room, all alone. ^____^

Meanwhile, Tatsuki gets caught sneaking in. Ran, who ran into Mami, comes across Tatsuki in drag advertising a contest. Tatsuki says he was forced to do this or the people who caught him sneaking in would call the cops. Ran and Mami decide to enter so the can be "queen".

Rei tells Aya she will get bored watching him DJ. She says she doesn't care as long as she is spending time with him. He says he wants a girl like Ran, whose emotions aren't so true and just want to have fun. Aya says she can be like Ran, dress that way. Rei says Aya is good the way she is, but he doesn't want to end up hurting her. Aya says she doesn't care if he hurts her because she loves him. They, then, hug.

At the same time Ran and Mami are competing to be the queen. The are tied when it comes to the last round, a para-para dance contest, where they continue to be tied.

Yamato comes to pick Miyu up. Miyu tells Yamato not to worry about her and other guys because she could never find anyone sweeter than him.


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