Episode 23

Ran and friends arrive at school only to find two girls picking on another girl, Takazawa (she was the leader of Ran's rival class' sports team for the competition in episode 21). The mean teacher who was in charge of the rival class that lost (who I will call Mr. G, since I can't spell his full name) comes, finding Ran protecting Takazawa, and basically tells Ran that no one will believe her if she said anything about the bullying of Takazawa. Takazawa simply walks away.

During P.E. (when Mr. G teaches Ran's class) Mr. G tells Ran to run laps, unfairly, blaming her for mouthing off. Ran talks back to him, hitting a nerve, and he is about to slap her when Miyu stops him. She tells him not to touch Ran while the whole class is watching if he doesn't want to loose his job.

After P.E. Takazawa talks to Ran. She tells her that Mr. G thinks it is her fault that her class lost the sports meet, so he started to ignore her. Then, he got the whole class to ignore her. She feels, very understandably, alone. Ran tells her to hang out with her and the gang is she ever gets too lonely.

The gals go to Miyu's house. Miyu tells Aya bout how her mom leaves her money, but is never home, while she barely sees her father, who is re-married. Aya and Miyu talk and ignore Ran's squawking about her hair. Ran finally bursts out, annoyed, saying "don't you know it hurts to be ignored?". Ran realizes this is how Takazawa must feel, except worse.

At school, Takazawa is given a camera and told to follow Ran around and take pictures and all will be forgiven if she gets a picture of Ran doing something wrong.

The gals talk about Takazawa's problem and decide telling a teacher will not help, as they will not be believed.

The three annoying, tanned gals (who appear in earlier episodes and are constantly fighting with Ran) are making a commotion with Takazawa. Ran sees this and thinks they are hassling her, but Takazawa tells Ran that's not the case. The group goes somewhere quiet to talk (a park?) and find out Takazawa stepped into traffic and the three annoying gals saved her, thinking she's suicidal. Takazawa says that she is not suicidal, but was just 'out of it'. The gals assure her that they want to help. Takazawa proceeds to tell them abut having to follow Ran to sell her out, but she couldn't do that to Ran.

At school, it is raining so instead of P.E. Mr. G does a class on morality. He uses Ran as an example of going against school regulations. He mentions how she has not only a disorderly attire, but a disorderly mind. He cruelly calls her a screw-up. Ran bites back, saying the only screw-up is him, running his mouth. Mr. G proceeds to tell her that she doesn't know how to talk to teachers, continuing to insult her, calling her such things as a fungus or mold. Ran replies, saying how he is a gold plate, shining and good on the outside, but 'cheap crap' underneath. Ran continues to provoke Mr. G, saying how is students don't respect him. He suddenly hits her hard and she falls into a group of desks, making a lot of noise. This draws the attention of other classes (Ran's homeroom in particular). Miyu is upset. Mr. G tells her, 'sometimes, physical punishment is required'. Miyu is about to counter him when Ran tells her to stay out of it, acting eerily calm and dark. Mr. N (Ran's goofy, kind-hearted homeroom teacher) comes in and asks what is going on. He sees a bruise on Ran's cheek and asks f she's hurt. Ran explodes, saying her bruise will go away, but Mr. G has emotionally scarred Takazawa (Mr. G's class, who was with Mr. N is now standing at the door listening). Ran then gives Mr. G a long awaited punch in the face. Ran yells at him some more, but Mr. G tells Mr. N that she is just trying to get back at him with false accusations because he mentioned her dress going against school regulations. Ran, then, says that Mr. G's class knows that he is a bully and poseur.

Takazawa comes in and tells Mr. N that what Ran said was true. She says that maybe it was her fault they lost the sports competition, but how could they work hard for a teacher who never encourages them? One of the girls who was bullying Takazawa at the beginning of the episode come forward, saying it was all true. Than another bully comes forth, saying Mr. G told her to ignore Takazawa or they would be next. Mr. G asks r. N who he would believe.

Ran ends up getting suspended for a little bit, while Mr. G was suspended from work.

Episode 24

Ran plays a fortune-teller game that is very accurate. Everything that is says will happen, happens. She has a very lucky day.

Ran downloads the game onto her cell phone (as she was playing it on Miyu's before). She looks at her fortune that day and it is really bad. Ran doesn't believe it, though. While in Shibuya, a car drives into the store Ran was shopping in, almost hitting her. Ran gets terrified (as a "car" was mentioned in her bad fortune) and runs home, only to encounter more bad luck along the way, making the whole fortune come true.

The next day Ran gets another bad fortune. It involves "Machida" and "monkey". She gets scared when her boyfriend, Tatsuki (a.k.a "Monkey-boy"), invited her for a date in Machida. Ran makes up an excuse, mentioning that she hates clingy guys. Tatsuki thinks she just dumped him.

After an interview with Rei and Yuuya, the boys come out to find Aya waiting for them. Rei and Aya are now dating and Yuuya notices that they have finally stopped acting weird around each other. At that moment Yuuya gets a call from Ran... who basically just wants him to buy food for her.

Yuuya and Ran have lunch together. She tells him that she couldn't call Tatsuki because she doesn't want her bad fortune to affect him.

Meanwhile, Tatsuki is moping around Shibuya, when he runs into Miyu. She asks him what's wrong (as he cries) and he says Ran hates him. Miyu assures him Ran never told he anything about it, so he must be mistaken.

Tatsuki, happily, leaves, but sees Ran with Yuuya. He asks her why she lied (as she said she couldn't go because she was cleaning her room), but she runs away, dragging Yuuya behind her. Tatsuki chases after her.

They end up on a roof of a building, where construction is taking place. Tatsuki catches up and asks why she lied. Ran tells him to "stay the hell away". Suddenly, a rope breaks and a large pole (?) misses Tatsuki by an inch. Ran tells him "that's" why they can't be together. Ran, then, runs away with Yuuya, again. Tatsuki thinks that Ran is leaving him for Yuuya.

Miyu and Rei come across Tatsuki. They talk.

Yuuya tells Ran Tatsuki may think she dumped him.

Aya, following her theory, checks Ran's fortune (using her cell phone) and informs Tatsuki that it fits him perfectly. She comes to the conclusion that Ran must be avoiding him to keep him from getting hurt.

Tatsuki is happy and runs to find his beloved Ran.

Ran is looking for Tatsuki, so she can explain, when she runs into the rode (to talk to Miyu who is across the street). All of a sudden a truck comes, almost hitting Ran, but Tatsuki pushes her out of the way just in time. On the truck it is written "Monkey's Delivery Service- Machida Business Office" and Ran decides not to let a fortune game control her life. Needless to say, things are back to normal between her and Tatsuki.

Episode 25

Ran decides to get a part time job, along with Miyu and Aya. The three gals find it difficult to get jobs, finding themselves stereo-typed as slackers for their 'gal' appearance.

Miyu mentions that she needs the money, so she can leave her house and become independent. Ran asks if things are still bad with her mom, and Miyu affirms that. The girls notice a flyer (advertising job openings) and get jobs at a bakery. For their first day (which will be tomorrow), they will have to sell "gal pastries".

That night, Miyu comes home to see that her mother is actually there, surprising her slightly. She tells her mother that she was told by a teacher that her tuition payments were two moths overdue. They proceed to argue. Her mother tells her to find herself a man to look after her. Miyu answers, saying she can stand on her own. Her mother starts to leave, but Miyu finally brakes down, asking if it will "kill her (mother) to look at her, just one time". Her mother coldly replies, saying that when she looks at her all she can see is the man that left her.

After her mother leaves, Miyu calls Yamato to confirm a date, acting cheerful, but starts to cry after she hangs up.

At home the next day, Yamato asks Ran if something is wrong with Miyu. Ran says she doesn't know.

Later that day, Yamato cancels his and Miyu's date. This angers Miyu, but she then says it is fine, but he has to kiss her right there and then. Yamato tells her they can't rush into things, slightly panicking. Miyu looks sad, but says it is okay and runs out, with Aya following. Ran tells Yamato how Miyu is fragile right now, as she is having financial problems. Yamato is shocked about this news.

The three gals have to sell a large number of pastries, which seems impossible. When Yuuya and Rei come, Yuuya offers to help. Ran gets Yuuya to go on a megaphone, announcing how much he, the second place winner of the Grand Pix, loves them. This brings in many female customers.

That evening Miyu returns the left-over pieces to their boss (while, I'm assuming, Ran and Aya get changed). Their boss says he hired her for a reason. He asks if she is interested in a "part-time" business (hinting at prostitution). Miyu gets mad, yells at the sleazy boss, and basically beats them up, when Ran comes and starts throwing cakes at the creep.

After taking care of their (former) boss Miyu says she didn't know what happened or what she was doing. Ran says she has bottled up emotions and they were just coming out. Miyu claims she is a hypocrite, saying she wants to be independent, but really wanting someone to take of her. Miyu says she is lonely being on her own and is scared she will be like this forever.

Aya comes in, saying she called Yamato like Ran told her to and he wants them to go to their (Ran's family's) house to talk.

Once there, Yamato formally introduces Miyu to his parents as his girlfriend and announces his plans to marry her. Miyu is shocked, but happily accepts.

In his room, Yamato tells Miyu to go for a scholarship, so she doesn't have to worry about tuition and that in two years, when she graduates, they'll get married. He promises never to abandon her and gives her an engagement ring. He tells her she's not alone and never will be again. The finally share a sweet kiss.

Episode 26

The episode begins with Rei being delivered a package by a guy on a motorcycle. (This scene will be important, later.)

Ran tries a raffle and wins the first place prize, a pillow that gives you subliminal messages while you sleep on it. Ran is disappointed with the prize, bt sleeps on it anyways. It is making noises, so she puts a police magazine on it to drown out the sound. She, then, falls asleep and has a dream about being told to become a police officer.

The next morning, Ran is acting strange. She says when she is a detective she will put people like that (she is watching the news) away fr good. Sayo is suspicious of her sister's abnormal actions.

That day, Ran goes around catching purse snatchers and doing good deeds all day.

When in the city, a man bangs into her, while running out of a building, leaving behind his package. Outside that building police are arriving and Ran finds out that the "office raider" has struck that building. She opens up the package the man left behind and finds tools thieves use and realizes he was the "office raider".

Rei sees a picture of the office raider and seems to recognize him.

The gang goes around the city looking for leads and such.

Manwhile, Rei sees the guy who delivered him his package earlier on in this episode. He follows him.

Ran comes upon a building the office raider is in the process of robbing, but he runs away. She chases him, but he cannot be caught. When the office raider runs out to where his motorcycle was parked he finds Rei blocking it. Ran and Yamato finally come and arrest him.

That night Ran goes to sleep, only to find the pillow is noisy, again. She puts a Gal's magazine on it to drown out the sound. She has a dream where she is told to become a gal.

In the morning Ran is back to her old self.


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