Under the Glass Moon

Luka, a famous sorcerer, is constantly being thrust into dangerous adventures. Along with his brother Luel, his neighbor Madame Batolli and her daughter Nell, and his apprentice Neo, Luka fights evil beings. Not that he's the type to go looking around for good deeds to do and he is usually forced into fighting evil doers when someone close to him is in danger.

This is a fantasy placed in a gothic world. Victorian and dark Lolita styles abound. The art is extremely detailed and very pretty. I, personally, adore the gothic outfits, so this manga hit a soft spot. I wasn't sure if I should classify this as a shoujo or bishonen series, since it really a bit of both. Romance and adventure are around every corner in this manga and the characters range from androgynously beautiful to unbelievably cute.

This series was created by Ko Ya-Seong. It is being published in English by TokyoPop.

I would rate it 14+ for swearing, and some mature themes. There are, also, hints of shounen-ai.


Luka Guillaume Reinhardt- An extremely powerful and famous wizard. Luka is quite the ladies' man and seems to have something going with Madame Batolli. Luka can't stand Nell and doesn't understand his brother's obsession with her. Luka is rather cold and manipulative, and admits this, but deep down he is a caring person. Luka is protective of his brother and his apprentice, Neo. He seems to have some father issues and the only person he openly idolizes is his former master.


Luel Guillaume Reinhardt- Luka's younger brother. Luel is very different from his brother. He is a major push-over and is infatuated with Nell. Even though he is equally beautiful, Luel is not a player like his brother. But he has acquired some possessive ex-girlfriends&ldots; Luel has a bit of a past with Nell. He saved her when she was little, but at the time he was disguised as Luka. At first, Nell completely ignores/insults Luel. Luel is very kind and kind of quirky.


Nell- She is the young girl that lives next to Luka and Luel. Nell is bratty at times. She is demanding, loud, hot-tempered, and can be rather scary. Luka can't stand her, even though she used to be completely obsessed with him. Nell thought that Luka saved her when she was little and shunned Luel, her true savior. She eventually finds out the truth and her affections are moved on to Luel.


Madame Batolli- She is beautiful and acts almost as irresponsibly as her teenage daughter. She lives next to the Reinhardt brothers and is very interested in Luka. Madame Batolli does have some powers, but they are fairly weak. Madame Batolli has a soft spot for Neo and dotes on him.


Neo Schumael- The youngest of the bunch at 16. Neo is a sweet, quiet, naïve, and oblivious boy that idolizes Luka. Neo is afraid of rejection and so, he hides his feelings behind a smile. Neo is fragile and ends up in tears often. He is very protective of his master, Luka. Luka took him on as an apprentice because he saw Neo's potential. Even though Neo cares deeply for his master, Luka says he only cares for Neo's power. Neo, although clueless to it at first, has immense spiritual power.




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