Hime-chan no Ribbon

Himeko is your average tomboy. She's happy with her boyish tendencies except when it comes to Hasekura, a boy she has a crush on. One day Erika, a princess from the Land of Magic visits Himeko. Everyone on Earth has a double in the Land of Magic, except they have the opposite personality. Erika is Himeko's double, except she is graceful and very girlish. She brings Himeko a magical ribbon, which Himeko can use to transform into any (real) person she wants to. You can only stay transformed for an hour or you will be stuck as that person forever and you cannot let anyone know about the magical ribbon or your memories will be erased. Himeko gets into all kinds of problems with Erika's magical gifts, but she'll always stay lively and happy!

This series was very sweet, but I think it is meant for a younger age group. If I had watched/read Hime-chan no Ribbon when I was younger I probably would have liked it a lot more.

Mizusawa Megumi created Hime-chan no Ribbon. It's 10 volumes long and has not been published in English. There is an anime, which spans 61 episodes.

I haven't seen anything inappropriate in this series. It's okay for all ages.


Himeko- A young girl (about 12-13) and our heroine. She is a complete tomboy. Himeko has crush on Hasekura, a classmate, at the beginning of the series, but her older sister, Aiko, is actually in love with him (and he loves her back). Himeko is very determined, cheerful, kind and energetic. She is also a member of the drama club. Even though she doesn't exactly love Daichi at the beginning, she becomes good friends with him. Himeko tends to get herself into many problems using the magic given to her by Erika. Her younger sister, Yumeko, is good friends with Daishi's little brother.

Erika- A graceful and elegant princess from the Land of Magic. In the Land of Magic everyone has a twin (from Earth) and Erika is Himeko's twin. She loves Himeko very much (as a sister) and gave her the magical ribbon, among other magical items.

Pokota- Himeko's cute stuffed toy that comes to life whenever Himeko is wearing her magical ribbon. He is a dear friend to Himeko and acts as a sort of advisor.

Daichi- He is Himeko's classmate. Daichi's very good at sports and popular. He even has his own fan club. The president of the fan club, Hikaru, is constantly after him. He is actually very bright and figures out Himeko's secret. He has a younger named Shintaro, who he cares about a lot. Daichi is constantly doing rebellious things, such as skipping class and rollar blading in school. His teacher, Gori-sensei, is always after him for that reason.

Sei- A boy from the magical world. He's pretty irresponsible, weak and doesn't think things through. At first he tries to steal Himeko's ribbon because of a bet he made with his cousin (I think...) from the Land of Magic, who just happens to be Daichi's double.



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