Hot Gimmick

When Hatsumi, a polite high school girl, has to buy a pregnancy test for her wild younger sister she runs in to her creepy neighbor, Ryoki. Ryoki's mom basically runs the building and is cruel, just like her son. Ryoki threatened to tell his mom about the questionable behavior of Hatsumi's sister, it being likely that she would then throw them out, unless Hatsumi becomes his slave. What can Hatsumi do, but do as he says? At the same time Azusa, Hatsumi's childhood friend moves back into the building.

I have mixed feelings on this manga. I found some parts inappropriate and Hatsumi's character seemed weak and annoyed me. I still am iffy about the plot, but will wait until I have read more to pass judgement. Ryoki sure has one sick, twisted, little mind. Even so, I do like some of the other characters (like Subaru and Shinogu).

Miki Aihara created this manga. It is being published in English by Viz. There is no anime of this series

There are quite a few inappropriate situations in this book. 16+ is suggested.


Hatsumi- A mild-mannered, cute teenage girl. She will do almost anything for her family, even become a slave to Ryoki. As time passes Hatsumi finds herself falling for the creep. But what about Azusa, Hatsumi's old crush? He seems interested in her, but is he just playing her?


Ryoki- Cold, intelligent, and seemingly unfeeling. He blackmails Hatsumi into becoming his slave, much to her disgust. He can seem heartless, but obviously has strong feelings for Hatsumi. He is condescending and gets on Shinogu and Hatsumi's nerves.


Azusa- A good-looking teenage boy. He is a famous model. In the past he had protected Hatsumi from Ryoki and as kind to her. He has recently moved back into the building Hatsumi and Ryoki live in. He seems to be interested in Hatsumi, but is there another reason for this? Could Azusa actually try to hurt her?


Shinogu- Hatsumi's adopted brother. He struggles with his feelings of love for Hatsumi, which he's had since they were children. He can never bring himself to tell Hatsumi how he feels, but constantly tries to protect her.

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