Tanpopo Yamazaki transfers to a new school for rich kids called, Meioschool, in Tokyo leaving all of her friends in Hokkaido. She meets a seemingly nice guy named Kouki who loves flowers and decides they're friends. But when Tanpopo starts going to Meioschool and tries to talk to Kouki (who also goes there) he is very cold towards her. Tanpopo is looked down on by all of the other students, who are either rich or of high status. But Tanpopo cheerfully endures it. Tanpopo finds Kouki interesting, with his two personalities and all, so she decides she will become friends with him no matter what. Tanpopo organizes the Gardening Committee in hopes of becoming closer to Kouki (since he likes flowers). The story continues following Tanpopo's life at Meioschool.


Yuu Watase is known mostly for her work on Fushigi Yugi and Ceres Celestial Legend (Ayashi no Ceres), both of which were fantasy-type series. I was a little surprised to find that there was no magic at all in this series. Nonetheless it was still very cute.

Imadoki was created by Yuu Watase. It's 5 volume long. Imadoki will be coming out in English by Viz.

I would rate this series 13+. There are some things that may not be suitable for a young audience (like Arisa's pregnancy and Ogata's overall character).


Tanpopo Yamazaki- The super-cheerful main character. Tanpopo values friendship highly and is determined to make Kouki her friend. Even thought the rest of the students at Meioschool are cruel towards her she always wears a smile.


Kouki Kugyou - Tanpopo met Kouki shortly before she started attending Meioschool. One Tanpopo came to Meioschool he acted coldly towards her. He doesn't think too much of friendship and takes a while to understand Tanpopo is sincere in wanting to be his friend. He is very wealthy and has a high status at the school.


Poplar- Poplar is Tanpopo's adorable pet fox. He's very photogenic. ;)


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Tsukiko Saionji - She first acts as Tanpopo's friend, but later shows her true colors. Tsukiko goes after every rich guy she can find, or so it seems. ^^;

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