Welcome to my shoujo site! This site was created for any fans looking for information on these series. Please don't take anything from my site without permission. Now, please enjoy!



Aug/20/03- I added an I.N.V.U page.

Jul/30/03- I added a link on the Marmalade Boy page, I'll try to add more soon. I added a page where I talk about anything that has to do with anime and manga, basically I just babble. ^_^ This time I talk about Newtype USA, next time "How to Draw Shoujo" book. That page is located under "Extra".

Jul/26/03- I added a pic and links to the Mintna Bokura page.

Jul/25/03- I put up a page for Rayearth and Delicious.

Jul/24/03- I got a few new manga titles up (Mintna Bokura and Random Walk).

Jul/23/03- Yay! I have an affy! I'm currently trying to center the titles on my Manga Page, but for some reason it just wont work. I made some buttons finally (before I only had banners.)

Jul/22/03- I have been trying to get this site up for months. I realized I would just have to re-do it, so here is the new and improved Beautiful Illusions.




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