Basic Information for You
If you would like to request a certain shoujo series for me to post, go ahead and ask! If you are busy or just don't want to spend countless hours trying to find information on a series, I'll be glad to do it for you. I work pretty fast and am dedicated. Unless the series is inappropriate (or there are other unusual circumstances) I will research it and make a page for it. Also, if a series you want is already listed, but there is not a page for it yet, you may request to have it be the next series posted. I'll be happy to do that, as well.
I'm not too picky when it comes to affiliation. If you want to be an affiliate it would be better if your site was dedicated to anime or manga (or had something related to it.) I will not affiliate with hentai sites.
When I say "linking" I'm referring to having your site as a link on one of my shoujo pages. If you have a site (or page) dedicated to one of the series I've posted and want me to add your link at the bottom of the page, just e-mail me. I will be happy to! Again, no hentai.
Using Images
Some images used on this site are borrowed from other sites. I either asked permission of these sites or they had a message posted on their site saying it was okay to use them. I gave credit to all of the sites in my "Thank You" page. Though, in some cases I forgot where I got the images (which I'm very sorry about). If that happened I mentioned I didn't know who to give credit to at the bottom of the page. So, if any of those pictures are yours please e-mail me. I will either give you credit or take them off (whatever you want).
If you would like to use images from this site there are certain pics you may and may not use. If the pics are taken from other sites (look on "Thank You" page for series mentioned where I borrowed pics) you can NOT use them. Though, if there was no credit given (meaning I scanned them) you may use them. Though, if you are using the pics on another site I ask that you e-mail and aske me first. I appreciate your co-operation.


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