Sey just wants a normal life, but that's not going to happen any time soon. When Sey's mother decides to move to Italy Sey chooses not to go with her. Sey must now stay at her mother's friend's (Mrs. Kang) house. The family Sey is now staying with is far from normal. Hali, Mrs. Kang's daughter, dresses and acts like a boy, which Sey just can't figure out. Mr. Cho, Sey's teacher and crush, seems to have some kind of relationship with Hali, other than a student-teacher one. Sey's friend Rea starts dating bad boy Siho, and Sey is becoming steadily closer to him. As Sey becomes tangled in Siho's mysterious life she starts to wonder what he means to her.

I.N.V.U (I Envy You) is not a manga, but a Korean comic. I took a poll and all of the votes were for making a page on I.N.V.U even though it's not really manga. I thought this was really fun to read. There is a lot of focus on the side stories, which helps you understand the characters very quickly.

I.N.V.U was created by Kim Kang Won. There are four volumes. It is currently being published in English by TokyoPop.

There is a student-teacher romance (kind of ^_^;) and Siho is known for moving fast. It is rated 13+, which I would agree with.


Sey Hong- Sey is the main characters, a high school girl. She is a little dense, stubborn, independent and innocent. Sey has a somewhat wild mother that caused her to have a "sickness" of boys. She has a huge crush on Hajun, but slowly finds herself falling for Siho.


Siho Lee- He's one of Sey's classmate and Rea's boyfriend. He lives alone, but his family is very powerful and rich. Siho owns a gas station where he gets Sey a job. He obviously cares about Sey. Siho is a player and "bad boy". He really enjoys rollar blading and is very good at it, which first caught Sey's attention.


Hali Kang- Hali is the daughter of the family Sey is staying with. She is pretty forward, a little rude, doesn't care much for rules and has a large crush on Hajun. Hali dresses like a boy and has seemed to taken the identity of her dead brother.


Hajun Cho- Hajun is Sey and Hali's teacher. He's also Hali's former tutor. Hajun is very popular with the female students. He's kind, handsome and smart.

Rea Yoo- Sey's friend and Siho's girlfriend. She uses people to get what she wants and has no problem with that. Rea is trying hard to be a model and uses Siho's ties to help her. She is a little self-centered and vain. ^^; (*Note* In volume three Rea's name starts to be spelt differently. Can anyone explain this?)

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