Kaikan Phrase

Kaikan Phrase (Sensual Phrase) is about high school student, Aine, who is on her way to becoming a fantastic lyricist. Her writing is very good. One day, while carrying her lyrics, she is almost hit by a car. When the driver steps out, it turns out to be a very good-looking man named Sakuya. It turns out he is a popular lead singer of a band called Lucifer. He reads her lyrics and appoints her as their new lyricist. The only problem is, they sing very sensual songs and Aine hasn't even had her first kiss yet. While, Sakuya will just have to give her more practice, won't he? As he seduces the girl the begin a relationship. There will be many roadblocks to this romance, though. Jealous fans, tempting suitors, and their own doubts will get in their way.

Okay, one word, 'hot'. C'mon with a name like Sensual Phrase, what were you expecting? The series is fun and there aren't many like this published in America. The characters have their doubts and find ways to overcome them, displaying good character development.

Kaikan Phrase was created by Mayu Shinjo. It has been published in English by Viz. There is an anime, which is actually quite different from the manga. It focuses more on the band and boys, while the manga focuses on Aine.

I would recommend at least 16+. There are some mature situations (attempted rape, sexual situations, and slight nudity).


Aine- The innocent girl who has a gift for writing. After she is chosen by Sakuya to become Lucifer's lyricist she must learn to write sensual lyrics. But in order to that, she must first experience them. Sakuya causes her to feel things she never has before and she quickly falls in love with him. But his psychotic fans aren't happy with that. They try to get back at Aine every chance they get.

Sakuya- The mysterious, popular, hot singer of Lucifer with a sad past. He sees Aine's talent right away and convinces her to become Lucifer's lyricist. He falls for her and tries to protect her as much as he can. He's known as a playboy, but seems pretty serious about Aine.



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