Kare Kano

Kare Kano (also know as He Says She Says and His and Her Circumstances) is a story about high school students growing up, getting involved in relationships and realizing who they are. It stars Yukino, a beautiful girl who has always been the best at everything. Thinking she would also be the best in high school Yukino was horribly shocked when she found a match, a boy named Arima. These two were obviously meant for each other and after getting to know one another they fall in love. They both promise to stop "pretending" to be perfect. This causes problems for them both. Of course there is a love triangle. Tsubasa (the cutest manga character EVER ^.^) wants Arima and she always gets what she wants. Throw in a guy who is always hitting on someone... and you get Kare Kano!

This is a lovely manga filled with teenage issues (self-image, teen angst and dating.) The characters are really cute (especially Tsubasa). Arima and Yukino are a very cute couple and deal with many issues most people can relate to. The story also follows the life of other teenagers (friends of theirs) as well. I think that is good since the to main characters don't have to deal with every issue while the other characters are just there to add to their life.

It was created by Masami Tsuda. It has been published in English by TokyoPop. It is 13 volumes long. There is an anime which is also out in English.

There is some adult content and issues. But it should be okay for 13 and up. This is an intriguing manga and anime. I suggest you try it out!


Yukino Miyazawa- The main character. Yukino is prefect, or so it seems. She gets good grades, is athletic, is beautiful and is always willing to help. But that's all a show she puts on. Yukino is upset when Souichirou Arima keeps on beating her at school. What's even worse is he is the real deal. Yukino wants to be back in the spotlight and will do anything to make that happen. But when she falls in love with Arima her plans of being the best come to an end. She has a crazy (but loving) family who she is very close with.


Souichriou Arima- He's the male version of Yukino, except being perfect isn't really a show. He does try extra hard to be that way, though. He has a troubled past and complicated family life. When he meets Yukino he soon falls in love (after blackmailing her ^_^;).



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