Legal Drug

Kazahaya Kudo is a teen with supernatural powers. He can see visions when touching a person or object. He works at a drug store along with a man named, Rikuo and his boss, Kakei. This is no ordinary drug store. In fact, Kakei often sends Rikuo and Kazahaya on missions involving supernatural beings, since they both have powers. The only thing is, the two don't get along at all. As Kazahaya struggles to survive, not wanting to end up on the streets again, and Rikou deals with a tragic past, the two learn to work with each other and maybe actually *like* each other.

CLAMP can do no wrong. Honestly. I'm won't say it's their best artwork, but it is well done. This is an interesting book, not too peppy, but not too dark either. There are quite a few shounen-ai hints. The characters are very mysterious and I found myself dying to know all their little secrets. I must say Tokyopop is getting better (with it's original right-to-left format, occasional Japanese phrases, original Japanese names), especially with the first volume of this manga. There are actually a few pages in color.

This series is created by the ever so famous CLAMP. It is four volumes long and has been published in English by Tokyopop.

I would recommend a rating of 13+ from what I have seen so far, due to darkish themes and shounen-ai hints.


Kazahaya Kudo- He is very cute and pretty naïve. Kudo works at the drugstore, not because he likes the odd and dangerous jobs Kakei sends him on, but because he needs the money. A while back he almost froze to death when he was homeless in the winter, but Rikuo saved him. Now, he lives with Rikuo and is forced to working alongside him (much to his annoyance). Kudo wants to live and is determined to do so, and I think that's why Rikuo saved him.

Himura Rikuo- He works at the drugstore along with Kudo. He is seems to enjoy teasing Kudo, but he actually a pretty serious person. Rikuo continues to work at the drugstore and do the jobs Kakei asks because Kakei is helping him fins a girl he is searching for. Kakei uses his powers and Saiga uses his connections to gather information on where she is. Even if Rikuo doesn't get along all that well with Kudo he still protects him many times.

Kakei- The owner of the Green Drugstore, where Rikuo and Kudo work. He is always sending them on missions to retrieve one thing or another, which usually involve supernatural beings. Kakei often doesn't give his two employees all the information on the missions he has (and they need). He is a precog, so he can see the future. He knows of Rikuo's and Kudo's pasts. I have to say he looks kind of evil at times. ^^;

Saiga- Kakei's friend (or maybe something more). Kudo and Rikuo don't know what his power is. Actually, they don't much about him at all. Saiga often comes to the shop, just to sleep in the back room. He and Kakei are very close, and he understands his friend well.



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