Man of Many Faces (Please, 20 Masks!)

Akira is a young boy going to the CLAMP elementary school by day. By night he is 20 Faces, the master thief. Akira lives with his two spoiled mothers, who are always wanting something new. They ask him to steal what they want, which Akira does, so they aren't sad. One night, while trying to escape from the police, Akira hides is six-year-old Utako's bedroom. After playing for a while Utako announces they are now a couple. Akira doesn't mind at all. As the story progressing they find their feelings growing stronger and their relationship growing more confusing.

Oh my gosh, Akira! I just want to hug him to death! He's soooo sweet! Even though these kids are young they have some sophisticated views of love and are very serious about their relationship. CLAMP has, once again, crossed over

characters from their other series. Akira and Utako also appear in CLAMP School Detectives, where Akira is one of the main characters. CLAMP School Detectives' other main characters, Nokoru and Suoh, also make an appearance. Akira (along with Nokoru and Suoh) make a small appearance in X/1999 as well.

Man of Many Faces ("Please, 20 Masks!") was created by the amazing CLAMP. It's two volumes long and has been published in English by TokyoPop.

This book is okay for all ages. Nothing inappropriate in this series.


Akira Ijyuin- The main character, nine-year-old Akira attends third grade at the CLAMP School- Elementary division. He appears in CLAMP's other series, CLAMP School Detectives. Akira is as adorable as a teddy bear and as sweet as sugar, as well as a little naive. He has two mothers who convince him to steal items for them. His father was a master thief and Akira is following in his footsteps. When Akira meets Utako he finds himself in love. At the beginning Akira is a young boy, but by the end of the books he is in college. (I thought I should just make a note of his age difference from the beginning to end).


Utako Ogawa- At the beginning of the story little Utako is 6 and attending CLAMP School kindergarten. When Akira, disguised as 20 Faces, hides in her room one night, it's love at first sight. Utako seems to know quite a bit about love and gives some serious speeches on the topic for someone so young. Her family is very wealthy and Utako is always wearing cute little dresses. Stubborn and a bad cook, Utako is still very cute.


Akira's Moms- Akira has two mothers, who appear to be twins. The explanation for his having two mothers is never given. (The reason his father doesn't live them, only appearing once in the series, isn't clear either). Akira's mother obviously love him very much, but are very spoiled. They are a little immature, always playing around or whining. Akira does the housework and cooking. He also can't say "no" to his moms, so he steals whatever they ask him to.


Ryusuke Kobayashi- 16-year-old Ryusuke attends CLAMP High School and is a sophomore there. For some reason he is able to boss around police officers and is determined to capture 20 Faces, who is constantly escaping him. He is neighbors and friends with Akira.


Akechi-Sensei- 25-year-old Shigetaka Akechi is the campus doctor at CLAMP School. He seems to be close to Ryusuke and is always giving good advice to him, as well as Akira. Akechi-Sensei seems very wise and has a special connection to Akira.


Makoto Ogawa- Utako's older sister, who is also quite wise. She gives Utako very good advice and sounds older then she is. Makoto is also actually pretty sly. She found out about Utako's relationship with 20 Faces and helps her understand what love is.





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