Marmalade Boy

Marmalade Boy... a charming, little story. Miki was a normal, teenage girl, happy with the life she had. Then one day her parents went on a vacation. They came back with a big surprise, new parents. Step-parents that is. When there were on vacation they met a lovely couple, swapped partners and re-married. This came as quite a shock to poor Miki, but what surprised even more was that she had a new step-brother, Yuu. (Here age too.) Yuu has the looks, brains... he's the "perfect guy." Miki slowly falls in love with Yuu, but Ginta (one of Miki's classmates) has something to say about that. Not to mention Arimi, Yuu's jealous ex.

Let's add a school president who's a little too friendly, a student-teacher affair and some cool tennis matches just for fun. That's Marmalade Boy!

Marmalade Boy really appealed to me. It a love-octagon, and I like all the lovey dovey series. The art is just beautoful, in my opinion. It's a fun read, and fairly easy to relate to. This book will mostly appeal to certain tastes. (Mainly romance-lovers.) There isn't a lot of action or adventure, but it's still interesting. (And suspenseful at times.)

It was created by Wataru Yoshizumi. It has been published in English by TokyoPop. It's 8 volumes long. There is an anime series that is 70+ episodes, I believe. It has not currently been officially dubbed or subbed, but TokyoPop has plans to.

Umm.... there is very "slight" swearing. Some mature themes (student-teacher affair, whole joke thing about everyone thinking Yuu and Miki are "shacking up" and stuff like that.) I guess it would be 12+.


Miki Koshikawa: Warm-hearted Miki. She loves tennis and is on the school's team. Miki spends a lot of time worrying about her guy troubles. She is somewhat clueless and naive. She is very open with her feelings and you can tell that she truly loves the person she ends up with.

Yuu Matsuura: Yuu is sweet, athletic, smart and unable to keep a relationship. -_- Yuu loves to tease Miki, though when she needs him he can get serious and be supportive. He can be a bit harsh sometimes... but he's all together a really kind guy. His family's feelings and well-being are very important to him. He tends to deal with issues by himself, which causes him to (at times) push people away.

Meiko Akizuki: Miki's best friend. She is quiet, polite and comes from a rich family. Though, she is very unhappy with her family life because her parents are always fighting. Meiko never goes on dates with any of the guys that ask her and Miki can't figure it out. She is always there for Miki, and listens to her. She even gives her advice on what to do about her "boy-troubles."

Ginta Souo: Yuu's sworn enemy. He had a crush on Miki since middle school, but due to a misunderstanding he blew his chance. He goes out with Yuu's ex, Arimi, to make Miki jealous (as well as Yuu.) He has a bad temper and is easily manipulated, but other then that a really nice guy.




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