Mintna Bokura

Noel and Maria are twins. When Maria moves to a school far away and stays in the dorm there Noel feels very left out (and kind of mad ^_^;). He wants to go to the same school as Maria, but the only spot left is for a female. Noel wants to stay together with his sister so much that he decides to dress up as a girl and go as Maria's twin sister. There has to be problems along the way and a big one is that boys have crushes on Noel. Noel and Maria must keep their secret, which is really hard, especially when Noel starts to have crushes on the girls who go to that school.

I thought this story was extremely cute and certainly very humorous. I found the characters charming (most of them anyway). I though it was sweet that Noel wanted to be near his sister. I also think the relationships in this are interesting. (Particularly the ones where a boy has a crush on Noel, they usually result in funny consequences.) Again, I like the manga-ka.

Mintna Bokura was created by Wataru Yoshizumi.

The manga is basically okay. There is the fact that Noel dresses as a girl and results of this fact (i.e. a boy kisses him, ect). There's also some slight swearing. Those who are 12 and up would enjoy it most.


Noel (Noeru)- Noel is Maria's twin brother. He is very forward and aggressive. When Maria enters a new school Noel wants to stay with her so he goes as well. The only thing is there were no rooms for boys so Noel had to go as a girl. You can tell him and Maria apart because he wears hair down while Maria wears her hair up. Noel is protective of Maria and is less then happy when she finds a guy.

Maria- Maria is Noel's twin sister. She is good basketball and is on the school basketball team. She decided to go to that certain school because her crush attended it. She is a normal teen who is trying to find romance. Maria has gone through many boyfriends throughout the series and seems to be able to get over them fast. Though, in the end she does end up with the perfect guy. ^ ^

Sasa - Sasa is a boy who attends the same school as Noel and Maria. After a fishing trip with him Sasa falls in love with Noel. All Noel wanted was to be good friends. Sasa later finds out that Noel is a boy, but still stays his friend. He is pretty popular and has a fan-club devoted entirely to him.

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