Miracle Girls

Miracle Girls stars Tomomi and Mikage Morgan. They are twins, who share a magical secret... literally. They have special magical powers. The can read each other's minds, teleport as well as many other mysterious tricks, but only when they are together. Tomomi and Mikage go to separate schools, so not many know they are twins. Toni is a fantastic athlete, while Mikage is a genius. Mikage is horrified when she is picked to be on he relay team. In fear of making a fool of herself in front of her dream guy, Chris, Mikage goes to her sister for help. They decide to trade places for a while, for the sport day, and track practices. When Tomomi falls for Jackson, a boy who Mikage absolutely despises, things get complicated...

That's just the beginning. The twins face many others who either want to use or steel their powers. A love story is thrown in there, making Miracle Girls one cute (yet typical) shoujo manga. I found Miracle Girls a delightful little story. Though, it is some what repetitive. It is a good manga to pass the time, but admittedly not the greatest out there.

As you can see, I use the girls' English names on this page. To be honest, I don't know their Japanese names. Yes, I know, I'm horrible! ;_; If anyone does, can they e-mail so I can make changes. I DO know "Toni" and "Mika's" original FIRST names. So, I hope it's not too confusing that only they have Japanese names.

Miracle Girls was created by Nami Akimoto, and published in English by TokyoPop. There was a television series made of this series also. It runs for 9 volumes.

Miracle Girls is okay for all ages. There isn't anything inappropriate. Miracle Girls is sweet, fun and an all around good read.


Tomomi Morgan- Tomomi is a very caring and athletic girl. She's a push over and Mikage usually can convince her to do what she wants. She has a big crush on Jackson, a boy from Mikage's school.

Mikage Morgan- Mikage is extremely smart. But, she has a short temper. Mikage is the younger twin, but can usually convince Tomomi to do anything. Mikage has a gigantic crush on Chris, who is a year ahead of her.


Chris Kubrick- Chris is smart and athletic, the perfect guy. He is very kind and gentle.


Jackson Neil- A great athlete, but like Tomomi, doesn't get great grades. He has a fairly big temper, but is very sweet towards Tomomi.


Shinichiro Kageura- A nutty science teacher at Mikage's school. At first he tried to steel the girls power, but later became an ally. He's kind of creepy, and is targeted for many jokes. ^^;

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