Yaya is a very quiet girl, who has few friends, does whatever her "friends" order her to do. Her two friends are, in fact, quite cruel to her. Little do her "friends" know, Yaya actually has an alter-ego that sometimes takes over when she's in trouble. Her alter-ego is the hot, take-no-nonsense, kicking butt type. The problem is, Yaya has no memory of what she did while her alter-ego takes over.

I really liked this series. I just tried it on a whim, not really knowing much about it. I wasn't disappointed. I hate when the main character is really weak, but Yaya is strong, only her strength is in the form of Nana. The artist seems to go to great lengths to make Yaya and Nana the total opposites of each other, but they do balance each other out. I like Moriyama. He's not obsessed with Yaya, but at the same time isn't all cold and scary. That makes him more realistic.

Othello (not to be confused with Shakespeare's Othello) was created by Satomi Ikezawa. It has been published in English by Viz.

I would rate it 14+, but I haven't read much of it yet, so the rating may change. There are some more mature themes, like bad language, MPD (I'm guessing she would be considered schizophrenic, right?) and slight attempted rape (see girls, this is why you don't meet with guys you meet on the internet).


Yaya Higuchi- Yaya is quiet, timid, sweet, and somewhat naïve. When Yaya finally gets a day off (from school and her evil little friends- on Sundays, the weekend) she cosplays like a goth and hangs out with a group of people who share her dark fashion sense and love of the band, Juliet. Yaya likes Moriyama, but is too afraid to confess her feelings. I'm sure Nana would be happy to do something about that (maniacal laughter follows). Yaya's mother died when she was young and now she lives with her strict, over-protective father.

Nana- Nana is Yaya's alter-ego. I think she should get her own paragraph since she is so different than Yaya. She knows what she wants and takes it. The opposite of Yaya, she is strong, demanding, brave, loud, and outgoing. She is willing to take risks and doesn't care about the consequences. Nana seems to admit her feelings more easily than her counterpart. When Moe and Seri cause Yaya big problems or someone else upsets her greatly, Nana takes over and gets revenge. You can really tell when Nana takes over. She carries herself much differently than Yaya and obviously has much more confidence.

Moriyama- A classmate of Yaya's. He's pretty nice and doesn't like the way Moe and Seri treat Yaya. He likes to tease Yaya, but not cruelly her so-called girl friends do. Moriyama is part of a band. He's constantly trying to get closer to Yaya and Moe and Seri are always trying to get him to see the darker side of Nana (which only they happen to bring out&ldots;I wonder why *rolls eyes sarcastically*).

Moe and Seri- They are&ldots;lets just say it rhymes with witches. They're very cruel to Yaya and manipulate her easily. Not to say that Yaya doesn't realize this. Yaya is just so desperate for friends and too nice to ditch them, that she hangs out with them.



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