Paradise Kiss

Yukari is a shy teenage girl obsessed with her studies. Her only goal was to get into a good college. Everything changed when one fateful day Yukari was "attacked" by a spiky haired guy with a paperclip on his mouth. Apparently, he was a member of a fashion group named Paradise Kiss. They want Yukari to model their designs for them. Yukari was introduced to the world of fashion, and love. Yukari fall for group's 'strange' leader, George. By the end of volume one they're a couple, but how long can they last? Especially when George is so oblivious to Yukari's needs. Yukari starts to think about George all of the time, and her marks drop. Her mother isn't too happy about this. Especially when she finds out her daughter has been skipping prep school for her "modeling".

Paradise Kiss is a story about finding ones self. It is filled with wonderful fashion as well a passion. ParaKiss is a sequel to Neighborhood Story, which I have not yet read. I do know it dealt with Miwako's (one of the main characters in ParaKiss) sister. I enjoyed this story very much. The art was modern and somewhat refreshing. I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to fashion, and I haven't seen very many fashions like the ones in this book. It was really beautiful and fresh. The main character isn't overly cheery, but more... realistic, would you say? I have recently read the last volume and was close to tears. Not sad tears... just tears. I hate to see a series end, but I wasn't aware I had grown so attached to the characters of ParaKiss until it was over. I was sad to see how it ended (who Yukari ended up with, or who she didn't end up), but you knew from the beginning the relationship wouldn't last. It was just one step in Yukari's journey. The ending was fitting, yet left me with a sad, wistful feeling.

Paradise Kiss was created by Ai Yazawa. It has been published in English by TokyoPop, all except the last book. I heard there was an anime made of this series, but I'm really not sure. ^_^; It is 5 volumes long.

On the back of the book it is rated 13 and up, which I think is okay. But maybe a little older... There are some mature subjects.


Yukari Hayasaka- Yukari is the main character. She has a very big temper, and seems a little on the stressed side. Yukari starts off as a hard-working student, who has never had a boyfriend, but studies all of the time. Her parents are very strict, which causes Yukari to rebel.

Miwako Sakurada- Cute, adorable, sweet, innocent. Pick one. Miwako is unbelievably sweet, kind and will do anything to make those around her happy. A little out of it sometimes, but that just adds to her cuteness. Miwako looks up to her sister (who is a famous designer) and strives to be just like her. Since her parents travel a lot she lives with her sister and her husband and their child, Alice. Miwako is often busy baby-sitting Alice. Miwako is very a dedicated and loyal friend to Yukari.


George Koizumi- George was a confusing character for me. Not only can Yukari not figure him out, either can I. (-_- I know, it's pitiful. ;_; ) He is a future designer, and the boss of Paradise Kiss. He has a really big ego. Everyone was surprised when he started dating Yukari because they thought he was gay, but he's actually bi.

Isabella- Isabella is a seriously good cook. "His" real name is unkown. He's a transvestite. He (or should I call him a she?) doesn't have a big part in the series yet. He seems wise, but only speaks little words of wisdom now and then.


Arashi Nagase- Arashi is Miwako's boyfriend. He can be extremely jealous and a little cruel sometimes. He is a guitarist in a band. Also a member of ParaKiss. I think he is over-protective of Miwako. Even though he may tease her Arashi is worried about Yukari.


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Hiroyuki Tokumori- A classmate of Yukari's. She thought she had a crush on him, but decided it was just admiration. He's a good student, and a past acquaintance of Miwako and Arashi's.



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