Peach Girl

Peach Girl is a shoujo manga based on Momo, a cute girl who has a bad reputation. Since she looks like a "beach-bunny" people automatically assume she's some airhead. Actually, Momo isn't a "party animal" and doesn't go to tanning salons or anything like that. A few minutes in the sun and Momo is completely tanned. One boy at school knows Momo is a good girl, Toji. Toji is the boy Momo has a crush on. This seems like a pretty normal situation, except Momo has to put up with the devil. That is, her friend, Sae (who makes Momo's life miserable.)

This manga is really easy to relate to. Not everybody has the perfect high school experience. The characters were really interesting. I found myself sharing in their emotions. (Especially when they were angry at Sae. ^^)

It was created by Miwa Ueda. It has been published in TokyoPop in English. It's 15 volumes long. I don't believe an anime series has been made of this.

There are some mature themes (a lot of old guys come on to Momo and similar situations). It should be okay for 13+.


Momo- Momo is a sweet girl but because of her looks (blond hair and a tan) has a bad rep. Everyone thinks she'll go out with any guy, party all of the time and is stuck-up. (Part of that reputation is probably thanks to Sae.)


Toji- Toji is Momo's crush. He is really sweet and cares about Momo a lot.


Sae- She's nasty, she's sassy and she's sly. Sae can hold her own. She acts like Momo's best friend but spreads rumors about her, takes everything Momo wants and treats her like dirt.


Kiley- Kiley is the bad boy at school. He teases Momo, even though he cares for her. But Momo is not the one he truly loves...



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