Girl Got Game (Power!)

Kyo just wants to be a normal teenage girl. Too bad for her, her dad just sent her to a school where she has to be pretend to be a boy. Kyo's father was an excellent basketball player, but was badly injured one day. He now wants Kyo to live out his dream. This means she must move in to a boys dorm, pretending to be a boy, so she can be on one of the best basketball teams, that just so happens to be a male team. After getting in an argument with a team member Kyo finds out he is her new room-mate. Kyo turns out to be a match for him on the court and they become partners. Now Kyo has to deal with hiding the fact that she's a girl, improving her game, and a short-tempered room-mate.

I absolutely loved this series. It's been a while since I have started a new series that I liked. Girl Got Game can have its romantic moments, but it is also really funny. I liked the art style and was impressed by how well the artist could draw the basketball poses (that's their job I guess ^__^;). One thing I found amusing about this series is the fact that it can turn a very serious or emotional topic into something hilarious (but not to the point where the emotional impact is ruined). I'll admit it, I'm not a sports fan. I don't know much about basketball, either. This series isn't completely focussed on the sport and the reader, even those who dislike sports, will find the games easy to follow and interesting. I want to add that I adore Kensuke Yura. He may be a little unstable (*cough* crazy *cough*) but for some reason I just love his character.

Girl Got Game was created by Shizuru Seino. I do not think there has been an anime made of this series. TokyoPop is currently publishing the manga in English.

It is rated 13+ by TokyoPop, which is fine.



Kyo Aizawa- An enthusiastic, positive, determined and outgoing girl. She has amazing skills when it comes to basketball. It's hard for Kyo to fit in as one of the guys. She is constantly making feminine remarks (sometimes they can seem romantic considering she's a girl, but the guys on her team, thinking she is a male, take them as perverted). At first Kyo doesn't get along with Chiharu, but later falls in love with him.


Chiharu Eniwa- Chiharu has a tough exterior, but is a softy at heart. He has trouble showing his emotions (surprise, surprise), but Kyo constantly tries to get him to open up. Chiharu can be proud and a little cocky, which is what starts Kyo and him off on the wrong foot. After some fighting they become friends, yet Chiharu doesn't know Kyo's secret. Chiharu seems to grow jealous of people that are close to Kyo and is fairly protective of her in that way. Still, he often goes about this the wrong way and is unable to handle the feelings Kyo causes him, and so ends up getting angry at Kyo.


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