Random Walk

Yuka is a normal girl attending high school. She has a great life. One day Yuka and her friend Touko decide to go out and basically scam some guys. It turns out the guys have the same plan and scam Yuka and Touko. Yuka has fallen for one of the guys and can't stop thinking about them. Yuka learns that one of the boys attends the same school as her. She learns that he is the son of her father's friend. Yuka and Shiki, the boy, start dating. Their romance seems to be going very well until Shiki bumps into a girl he seems very interested in. That is the beginning of a dating game.

I did enjoy the story, but I didn't think it was too original. Unlike some of Wataru Yoshizumi's other works there wasn't something that stood out it my mind. If you like a good romance I'm sure this would be enjoyed. I did like the fact that the title was explained.

Random Walk was created by Wataru Yoshizumi. It is 3 volumes.

This manga is okay, I would rate it 10 and up.


Yuka- Yuka is a cute high school girl. She has a great life and is very happy. She falls in love with many guys throughout this story, but eventually ends up with the person she least expected. Her dad has married 3 times, but that doesn't seem to bother her.

Touko- Touko is Yuka's best friend. She has the idea to scam Shiki and his friend, which didn't turn out the way they expected. She appears to be very irresponsible.

Shiki- He is Yuka's first boyfriend. He is the son of her father's friend. Shiki falls for another girl, which was the start of the love triangle.

Katsura- She is a popular girl and one of Yuka's friends. She is shy with boys.

Touwa- He is Yuka's former step-brother. After Yuka's marks start to go down he becomes her tutor. Yuka doesn't like him very much since he acts kind of strange around her.




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