Magic Knight Rayearth

Three young girls are transported to another world. None of them have ever met, but quickly become friends in order to survive in this magical place. They soon learn they are magical knights and must find three Rune-Gods so they can save Princess Emeraude. They are many dangers on their journey, but they will face them together. Along the way Hikaru, Umi and Fuu make friends as well as enemies. Much is sacrificed in order to save the world, Cephiro and it's princess.

Magic Knight Rayearth is full of adventure and fantasy. The importance of friendship is displayed over and over again in this manga. CLAMP's detailed art is present (that's always a plus). I didn't enjoy it as much as other shoujo manga, mainly because it seemed a little too young for me. Though, I'm sure it would be enjoyed by many shoujo fans of all ages.

Magic Knight Rayearth was created by CLAMP. The manga has been published in English by TokyoPop. There is an anime, which AnimeWorks has dubbed in English. There's also an OAV series of Rayearth which is also dubbed in English.

There is some violence (it's not too bad though, nothing like X) and some of the characters wear skimpy clothing. It's rated 13 and up.


Hikaru- A determined, cheerful and brave high school girl. She was transported to another world called Cephiro and sent upon a journey.

Umi- A beautiful high school girl who was also transported to Cephiro. She doesn't always get along with Mokona.

Fuu- A smart and quiet high school girl who was also brought to Cephiro. She is romantically involved with Ferio, a boy from Cephiro.

Mokona- A cute magical being who says "puu" a lot. ^^ Mokona led the girls to their Rune-Gods, which they needed in order to save Princess Emeraude.

Emeraude- The princess the magic knights are trying to save. She must constantly pray and is the only one who keeps Cephiro from crumbling. (She is called the "pillar of Cephiro"). She was kidnapped by Zagato, but her relationship with him might not be what it seems



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