Only the Ring Finger Knows

At Wataru's high school students wear rings to signify friendship and love, depending on the finger. Wataru is shocked to find that his ring matches that of one of the most popular guy's in school, Kazuki. Kazuki is known for being nice, polite, and completely gorgeous. Wataru finds exactly the opposite. Kazuki is cold to him and only him it seems. What did he ever do the Kazuki? Their matching rings, signifying them a couple, cause some problems between the two. Neither want to get rid of their rings, but go to great lengths to stop the rumors, even if this means starting new ones.

This is shounen-ai, boys liking boys, two men kissing and being lovey dovey, you have been warned! I absolutely adore this book. It may be short, but it's alluring all the same. It's a sweet lil' romance about two high school boys and their love-hate relationship. Beware of fluff!

It was created by Satoru Kannagi and Hotaru Odagiri. It is only one volume long and was published in English by Digital Manga Publishing as part of their new Yaoi line.

I recommend it for those 13+ due to shounen-ai themes.



Wataru Fujii- Our main character. He attends a high school where rings have special meanings. It just so happens that he shares the same rings as the infamous, Kazuki, which means that they are a couple. Wataru is not to pleased with this. Due to some other coincidental circumstances their coupling becomes more believable and talked about at school and Wataru finally resorts to saying Kazuki is with his sister. Wataru really dislikes Kazuki, who is always so mean to him, but nice to everyone else. But his feelings soon start to grow&ldots;


Yuichi Kazuki- He's polite, intelligent, athletic, knows how to treat a woman, not to mention extremely hot. The perfect guy. Or so it is said. For some reason he is very cold to Wataru. Me thinks he doth protest too much. ~_^ Kazuki, like Wataru, does not want to get rid of his rings, as it holds a special value to him as well. Since neither will get rid of their rings they are subjected to quite a few rumors, not that Kazuki seems to pay them any thought. When Kazuki isn't been cruel to Wataru he is confusing him to no end, by making intimate gestures (e.g. kissing Wataru's hand).



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