Saint Tail

Saint Tail is a tail of a modern day "Robin Hood". Meimi is a normal schoolgirl by day, but by night she is an amazing thief. She escapes the police every time, as Saint Tail

well as Asuka Jr., a detective's son. Meimi, going by Saint Tail by night, steels possessions that were previously stolen and returns them to their rightful owners. Accompanied by her friend Seira, a nun in training, Saint Tail becomes a successful thief.

One word, "cute". Saint Tail is, by all means, a adorable tale. Not only does it have action and adventure, but a little romance going on between rivals Saint Tail and Asuka Jr. Though, it may be a little too young for some people's taste.

Saint Tail was created by Megumi Tachikawa. It has been published in English by TokyoPop. It is 7 volumes long. The seventh volume is an extra tale, with the Saint Tail cast. It really ends in volume six. There has been an anime created for this manga. It is also being dubbed and subbed by TokyoPop.

Saint Tail is for all ages. Nothing wrong here I can see...


Meimi Haneoka/ Saint Tail- Meimi is a cheerful and kind eight-grader by day. But at night she is the fast-moving, tricky Saint Tail. She steels back goods that have been stolen from their rightful owners. She has a secret crush on, Asuka Jr. her rival and classmate.

Daiki Asuka- Asuka Jr. is a stubborn, loud, bad-tempered and dense guy. He is classmates with Meimi, and often argues with her. He's actually very sweet. His dad is a detective and is on Saint Tail's case

Seira Mimori- Seira is Meimi's best friend. She is nun in training, and the only one aware of Meimi's other identity. She is always calm and kind.


Ruby- Meimi's pet hedgehog. She wears a little ribbon on her head, to match Saint Tail's. Ruby often accompanies Meimi on her heists.

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Saint Tail


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