Snow Drop

So-Na is forced by her father to go back to (a new) high school. So-Na would rather take care of her nursery, something she cares about most in the world. Her best bad-boy friend, Ha-Da is forced to go with her. While there she meets her popular, cold classmate, Hae-Gi. Ha-Da wants to win over his classmates and beat Hae-Gi, creating a rivalry between the two (though Hae-Gi couldn't seem to care less). So-Na and Hae-Gi do not take a liking to each other, forming a war of the wits. Yet, So-Na finds herself being strangely attracted to him... Ha-Da quickly falls in love with a beautiful girl he sees, but what he doesn't know is that "she" is actually Hae-Gi's brother. Meanwhile Hae-Gi is having trouble with his own life, having financial and family problems.

I haven't read very much of the series yet, so I don't really know what to expect. Snow Drop is not a manga, but a Korean comic, like I.N.V.U., which is also mentioned on my site. The main character seems a little spoiled, yet down-to-earth at the same time. Hae-Gi is a likable hero, while Ha-Da can seem obnoxious at times. The clothes the teenagers wear are very modern, while in similar manga the characters are constantly in school uniforms or less hip fashions.

Snow Drop was created by Choi Kyung-ah. It has been published in English by Tokyopop. I do not think this series has been animated.

Tokyopop rated the series 16+. There are some mature themes, such as So-Na's traumatic past and Hae-Gi's career as a nude model.


So-Na- The spoiled little rich girl. She is strong, witty, and righteous. So-Na loves flowers and spends countless hours in her nursery. Her mother, who she was seemingly close to, died. Her mother was a writer and So-Na is named after a character in her mother's book. After a little misunderstanding with Hae-Gi the two start a sort of rivalry. Even so, So-Na finds herself attracted to Hae-Gi. So-Na has had a hard past and due to an incident (and her politically powerful father) has two bodyguards who follow her around whenever she's not at school (which can be quite annoying for her).


Hae-Gi- The hard-working and dedicated hero of the story. Even though he is very popular, loved by all the girls at school, he is very cold and rather antisocial. He believes that he doesn't need anyone else. Hae-Gi's mother is in the hospital and he takes many jobs to pay her hospital bills. One of these jobs is as a model. His brother died when he was younger and now he wants to carry on his brother's dream of becoming a pilot. Hae-Gi is obviously devoted to his family and has seemingly no friends. He, along with his two brothers, are named after characters in So-Na's mother's book.


Ha-Da- So-Na's rich best friend. He is the definition of 'player'. Always going after another girl and always getting what he wants. His parents are wealthy and he owns a popular dance club, given to him by them. When he meets Ko-Mo he instantly falls in love with her and will do anything to get her. Ha-Da seems to have started a rivalry with Hae-Gi, mostly out of jealousy. He is very protective of So-Na, as well.


Ko-Mo- Hae-Gi's younger, cross-dressing brother. When Ha-Da meets Ko-Mo, thinking 'she' is a girl, falls in love with her. Ko-Mo seems to be a bit of a delinquent and actually robbed Ha-Da when he wouldn't stop hitting on her. Ko-Mo is rather observant and can tell when something is bothering Hae-Gi.


So-Na' Bodyguard- I feel so bad, I don't know his name! ;_; He'll be known as Bodyguard for now. His job is to protect So-Na, which is why he is always seen somewhere close. He's usually the comedy relief and is cute (in an adorable way). He helps keep things (such as So-Na's relationship with Hae-Gi or her sneeking off to parties) from her strict father.



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