Suki (Suki Dakara Suki)

Hina is a sweet and trusting girl who lives alone with her beloved teddy bears. She has gone without a neighbor for quite a while until one day a mysterious man moves in next door. Hina is shocked to find that he is, Shirou Asou, her new homeroom teacher. Even though Asou is usually anti-social he seems to take an interest in Hina, even though he still isn't the friendliest person towards her. Hina soon develops feelings for Asou, but what is the reason for his interest in her?

Suki is such a cute manga! I looooove teddy bears and that is one of the main reasons I continued reading this series. I was hesitant to read this series because it didn't seem like something that would interest me. I was surprised to find myself hooked after reading about two chapters. The characters backgrounds were left a mystery and Asou's intentions were not clarified, for those reasons (among others) I continued reading Suki. Even though it may not be one of my favorites I did enjoy Suki. (*NOTE* Hina and Asou make a short appearance in Legal Drug, another CLAMP manga.)

Suki was created by CLAMP. It is three volumes long and currently being published in English by TokyoPop.

It should be okay for 11+. One character is a porn writer and some parts make Asou seem like a pervert. ^_^;;;


Hina- A cheerful, energetic, and utterly naive high school girl. She lives alone, her mother dead and not wanting to cause her father trouble. She loves bears and picture books done by "Tomo-san". Hina soon starts to fall in love with her neighbor and teacher, Asou-sensei (as he likes to be called).

Asou- Dark, cold, and mysterious. Asou is the new teacher at the all-girls school Hina is attending. He also happens to be Hina's neighbor. Asou is very anti-social, but seems to take interest in Hina. He is very protective of her, but what are his intentions?

Emi- Hina's friend who seems to be very interesting in dating guys. She cares about Hina and seems pretty cheerful.

Touko- Hina's good friend and cousin. She is very protective of Hina and cares about her a lot. She doesn't trust Asou.



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