Tokyo Mew Mew

Tokyo Mew Mew, you can by the title that this is going to be one cute manga. Tokyo Mew Mew stars Ichigo, a cheerful young girl. One day an experiment goes wrong and Ichigo, along with four other girls is injected with genes from animals that are going extinct. Aliens are attacking Earth and it's up to Mew Mew and her team to save the day!

But (of course) there's romance. Ichigo is in love with her classmate, Masaya, but is he really what he seems? If you think saving the world is tough imagine having an alien stalker!

This series is simply adorable. It's a perfect example of those sweet lil' shoujo manga, with its frilly dresses, magical girls and unfailing, young love. The eyes are huge in this series (which is always good for showing the character's innocence.) There are some surprises in this series which I didn't see coming (but then again I haven't read the whole thing yet.) Expect some interesting twists.

Tokyo Mew Mew was actually created by two people, Mia Ikumi and Reiko Yoshida. It is being published in English by TokyoPop. There are 10 volumes. There has been an anime made of this series and I think there's movie.

Tokyo Mew Mew should be all right for all ages. Nothing inappropriate.


Ichigo- (meaning strawberry) Ichigo is the main character possessing typical shoujo girl traits. She's energetic, perky and has a huge crush on her classmate. Ichigo was injected with the genes of a type of cat.

Retasu- (also known as Lettuce) Retasu is very shy, quiet and sensitive. She is bullied because she never stands up for herself. All Retasu wants are friends. Also a member of the Mew Mew Project.

Mint- Mint is stuck-up, strong and rich. She was one of the girls injected with an animal's genes. Even though Mint acts tough and above everyone else she is actually very caring. She looks up to the celebrity, Zakuro.

Purin- Another member injected with animal genes. She is very hyper and tends to act like a monkey.


Zakuro- Zakuro is a big star, as well as member of Mew Mew Project. At first she didn't want to be a member of the project, but she soon gave in.


Ryou and Keiichiro- Ryou is a rich and extremely smart high school student. He owns the cafe that the members of the Mew Mew Project work at. He is in charge of the Mew Mew Project and was the one who injected the girls by accident. Keiichiro also works on the project. (Pic of Ryou)



Masaya- Ichigo's classmate and crush. He has many secrets about him.

Quiche- An alien who is in love with Ichigo. He tends to stalk her.

Masha- Ryou's robot. He is given to Ichigo.

(Pic of Masaya and Masha)


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