Ultra Maniac

Ultra Maniac is a comical story of Nina and Ayu. Nina is from the Magic Kingdom and is a magician. She is currently residing on Earth, attending a normal high school. When Nina becomes friends with Ayu, a normal girl, she decides to always "help" Ayu out. Nina doesn't have the best control over her magic and the outcome of a spell is usually funny. Ayu tries to deal with normal teenage problems (like getting her crush, Kaji, to notice her) as well as put up with Nina's out of control spells. Getting close to Kaji is heard enough with Nina's magic going all wrong without another student, Tsujiai, getting in the way things seem.

This is a fairly new manga by one of my favorite manga-ka, Wataru Yoshizumi. I think this is a pretty fun manga. The story is pretty original. Wow... I don't have a large opinion on this. Hehe. Anyway, it's a cute manga to curl up and read.

Ultra Maniac was created by Wataru Yoshizumi. I don't know how many volumes there are. This manga is still running in Japan and has not come out in English yet. An anime series has been made, but has also not come out in English.

This manga seems to be okay, I haven't seen anything bad so far. I guess, maybe, those over 10 would enjoy it the most.


Nina Sakura- A transfer student from the Magic Kingdom. She is very perky and tries to e helpful. Nina's magic usually goes crazy causing a lot of trouble for Ayu.

Ayu Tateishi- A normal high school girl trying to cope with life. Ayu has to deal with her love life and Nina's magic. Things get worse when Nina's friends from the Magic Kingdom start to pop up.

Tetsushi Kaji- He is considered really cool and is very popular at school. He acts extremely nice, but is really just a normal guy. Nina is the first to realize this.

Hiroki Tsujiai- He is Kaji's best friend and seems to have feelings for Nina.



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