Wedding Peach

Momoko is a normal girl, dreaming of being a bride. One day she is attacked by a demon trying to steal her mother's wedding ring that she carries with her. The angel Limone comes to her rescue and gives her the power to be Wedding Peach, the magical superhero. Soon Momoko's two best friends are also made Love Angels and fight the forces of evil with her. Momoko's person life isn't a piece of cake either. She is torn up over Yosuke, the boy she is constantly fighting with, but may actually love. But Momoko can't love Yosuke, she loves Yanagiba... right? Frilly wedding dress and beautiful bouquets are always popping up in this sugary sweet story.

Does this story sound familiar to anyone? Hmmm...? I got a toothache just from watching it. ^.^; What can I say, Wedding Peach is cute. At times I got a little board with this series. I felt like some thing were repetitive (here Momoko goes, fighting another demon). There were some surprise twists, which I enjoyed very much. I thought Momoko and Yosuke's relationship was very sweet and enjoyed watching it progress. The art was okay. I wasn't thrilled about the long, toothpick legs and huge hair.

Story and art by Nao Yazawa. Created by Sukehiro Tomita. The manga is six volumes long and being currently published in English by Viz. There is an anime of this series, which will soon come out in English.

Wedding Peach should be okay for 10+. There is no swearing and no real inappropriate situations. There is slight violence (using pretty magic wands) and an innocent romance.


Momoko (Wedding Peach)- Sweet, clumsy, and pretty. Momoko dreams of being a bride. Momoko cherished a keepsake of her mother, who the audience only knows is longer there, which is her wedding ring. The ring draws a demon to Momoko and she therefore is made into the superhero, Wedding Peach. She has a huge crush on Yanagiba, but also realizes she has feelings for Yosuke.


Yuri (Angel Lily)- Graceful, proper, and lady-like. Yuri, also, is in love with Yanagiba. She seems to have a connection with Limone. Yuri is one of Momoko's best friends and fellow magical girl.


Hinagiku (Angel Daisy)- Sporty, strong, and courageous. Hinagiku is bold and honest. She is, also, in love with Yanagiba and is close friends with Momoko.


Yosuke- He is goalie for the school soccer team and very talented. Yosuke doesn't get along with Momoko, but is constantly protecting her. He doesn't know about Momoko's secret identity as Wedding Peach, but a dark secret lies in his past, which may connect him to the angel/demon world.


Limone- An angel who is always saving the Love Angels. Momoko goes gaga over this good-looking angel. He takes orders from the Goddess Aphrodite.


Yanagiba- The soccer team's captain. All of the girls are in love with this mild-mannered cutie. He makes Momoko and her two friends fall in love at first sight, but who will he end up loving back?




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