Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters)

Weiss Kreuz (German for White Cross) is about four young men, Aya, Ken, Omi, and Youji. By day they work at a flower shop, but by night they are deadly assassins. They all have rather traumatic pasts and, now, fight for the sake of justice. They must, also, battle their rival groups, Shwarz and Schreient. This series is filled with angst, violence, and really cute guys.

Yes, I know. Weiss Kreuz is NOT a shoujo series, but let's face it. Most of the audience is made up of females. This is, in fact, my latest obsession. The four leads are all good-looking, angst-ridden guys. Every fan-girl will find at least one she falls in love with. I, personally, love all of them, but have a soft spot for Omi. The anime is said to have plot holes and the manga didn't run very long. Still, Weiss Kreuz has gained a large base of loyal fans. This series has amazing character development, which, to me, makes up for some of its flaws.

Weiss Kreuz was first written by Takehito Koyasu. This series started as a radio drama. The voice actors who played the four main characters actually created a band together called Weiss. This led to a novel, manga, two anime TV series, and OAV.

This series is rated 13+. There is violence and mature themes.



Aya Fujimiyu- The cold, non-smiling, and strong (physically and willed) self-proclaimed leader of Weiss. His real name is Ran, but he took on his sister, Aya's, name while she is in a coma. His parents were killed (and sister put into a coma) by Reiji Takatori. Aya, after seeing Reiji's face in the car that hit his sister, vows to get revenge on him. His sister is now everything to him. He visits her frequently in the hospital and does everything for her (he even joined Weiss for her sake). Aya rarely smiles and is usually very serious. He gives his all to everything that he does (even working in the flower shop ^_^;). Aya never becomes truly close with Weiss, but does seem more open with them. The only other person he seems to not hate (^.^) besides Weiss is a normal girl named Sakura, who is introduced early in the series. Aya, along with all of the other members of Weiss, struggles with his feelings about not deserving love since he's a killer.

Ken Hidaka- Ken has a kind heart and loves kids and soccer. Ken used to be an excellent player on a major soccer team. He was at the top of his career when someone drugged him and set him up to make it seem like he bet on the game and sabotaged it on purpose. He was kicked out of the league, but his best friend Kase stood up for him. Kase said he would help prove Ken's innocence. Later, Kase was caught in a fire at a warehouse and Ken believed him to be dead. Years later, Ken receives a mission with Weiss to kill Kase. Ken, finding out his friend is not really dead looks into the matter. Some surprises and deaths ensue. Ken seems warm/caring, but he has no problem going through with a mission. An interesting fact about Ken is depending on the series (manga, anime, OAV, ect.) his eye color is different.

Youji Kudou- Youji enjoys sleeping and taking it easy. He is a ladies' man, a real player. He's, also, the oldest of the group. Youji used to be a detective. His partner was a woman named Asuka, who he was in love with. They were on an investigation when Youji was injured, Asuka ran to get helped, and was shot right before his eyes. This is why Youji joined Weiss, to take revenge for his beloved Asuka's death.

Omi Tsukyono- Omi, my personal favorite. I absolutely adore him! Omi is the youngest member of Weiss and considered the official leader. He was the first member of Weiss, trained since he was a child to be a killer. Even so, Omi is cheerful, kind, and gentle. He suffers from amnesia, but as the series progresses he learns his past. Omi is an expert with computers. Omi's past is quite disturbing, even compared to the other members of Weiss. As a child Omi was kidnapped, but his father would not pay the ransom and left him to die. Luckily Persia rescued him, giving him a new identity. Omi has nightmares about this occurrence. We later find out that Omi's father is Reiji Takatori, or so we are led to believe. Near the end of the series Omi's relationship with Persia is revealed, shocking even Persia himself. Now&ldots; I have to move on to the other characters&ldots; but I don't want to stop talking about Omi!!! ;_;

Manx and Persia: Persia is the police chief as well as the one who gives Weiss their orders. None of the members, besides Omi, know his true identity. Manx is Persia's secretary and brings the boys their missions at the flower shop. Youji is constantly flirting with Manx, but she loves Persia. Manx and Persia basically acted as parents to Omi when he was young.

Schwarz- Weiss' rival group. Schwarz consists of Brad Crawford, Schildich, Farfarello (the guy creeps me out&ldots; -_-), and Nagi (I'm starting to love him too ^_^;). They all have some special power. They, at first, appear to be the bodyguards of Reiji Takatori, but it is later revealed that they work for Estet. Don't get me wrong. These guys will follow their own agenda in a minute.

Schreient- A group of four women who, also, rival Weiss. They work for Masafumi Takatori and are obsessively in love with him. The team consists of Hell (leader), Neu (possible Youji's long-lost love) , Schoen (ex-model vain type), and Tot (Nagi loves her, but she has the mind of a nine-year-old ^_^).




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