X/1999 is one of CLAMP's best and most popular works. Kamui is a dark, quiet teenage boy returning to his home town after six years. Kotori and Fuma, his childhood friends are glad to see he has returned, only to find Kamui wants nothing to do with them. Kamui has returned because he wants to retrieve the sacred sword, which he won't leave without. Kamui has strong powers and a very important destiny. There are two sides and Kamui must choose to join one. His choice will effect the fate of the world. Kamui must choose to destroy the world or save it. But it's not that easy...

This manga appeals to a large crowd of people, and understandably so. The art is top-notch, extremely impressive, the plot is complex (needless to say it's interesting) and the characters are fun to watch. This is a very dark, serious manga. So don't expect little girls with magical animals to be skipping around.

This masterpiece was created by CLAMP, the all-female manga group. It is currently being published in English by Viz. I'm not certain about the exact number of volumes, but I believe there are 17. An anime series as well as movie has been made of X. Both have come out in English.

This is a very dark manga with lots of gore. There are mature themes, so it is rated 16+.


Kamui Shiro- A dark, quiet and hot-tempered boy with the fate of the world resting on his shoulders. After the death of his mother Kamui returns to Tokyo. There he finds himself in the middle of a battle which will decide the end of the world.


Fuma Monou- Kamui's childhood friend and "twin star". Fuma promised to always look out for Kamui and has a strong bond with him. He is surprised to find Kamui acting cold towards him when Kamui returns. Fuma is actually a second Kamui, who is destined to join whichever side Kamui doesn't join. He is very kind towards his sister, Kotori.


Kotori Monou- She is sweet, polite and very caring. Kotori was very close with Kamui before he left six years ago. She is very delicate because of a heart condition and can faint easily. Kamui acts his gentlest around her and it's obvious he cares for her even though he refuses to get close to her.


Hinoto/ Kanoe- Hinoto is a prophetess and a psychic. She is in charge of the Seven Seals. Hinoto showed Kamui Kotori dying, which influenced his decision of what side to join. She can't actually talk as humans do, but you can hear her in your "heart". Kanoe is Hinoto's sister and has the ability to see into others' dreams. She is the leader of the Seven Harbingers.


Seven Seals- The Seven Seals (Dragons of Heaven) consist of a wide variety of people (all good-looking ^^). Sorata is an easy-going monk who is always making jokes. Arashi is a serious, but beautiful (as stated many times by Sorata) woman. Yuzuriha is a sweet 14-year-old. Karen is a strong women who doesn't feel important. Subaru is a a troubled young man (similar to Kamui in a few ways) who appeared in an earlier CLAMP manga, Tokyo Babylon (I absolutely love Subaru!). Seichiro is a publishing editor with a family (wife and daughter) who he loves very much.


Seven Harbingers- The Seven Harbingers (Dragons of Earth) are similar to the Seals mentioned above. They fight to protect their Kamui, as the Seals fight for their own. Kusanagi is a pretty nice guy (even though he's on what would be considered the "bad side"). Satsuki is a women who has a unique relationship with computers. Yuuto is a fairly care-free guy, specifically in battle. Nataku is a clone-like being who stole Kamui's Divine Sword. Seishirou is a man who can create illusions and has appeared in the manga Tokyo Babylon along with Subaru. Kakyou is a dreamseer who is very ill.



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