Rika, an average girl in her senior year of high school, has recently quit the track team and her boyfriend has broken up with her. She's reached her limit. One day while on a school chat room she meets some rather interesting people. All of them are seriously stressed about school. After Rika comments on just getting rid of it Polaris, someone in the chat room, takes her seriously and blow up the school. She decides she is going to blow up the school and anyone who wants to, too can join her in "Polaris's Room". Rika decides the people were scary, but seeks out Polaris's room anyway. When she gets there (an online chat room) three others (including Polaris) are there chatting quite normally. Polaris reveals she set her chat room so that only these three could enter. They all exchange phone numbers so they can text message. That is the beginning of the friendship of these four people, forged by the common wish to blow up the school (of course, when no one is there so no one is hurt). When Polaris decides to commit suicide it brings the four chat room buddies together in person. After that the four begin to work towards building a bomb. All of the problems that have brought these people to such extreme measures is revealed as they try to help one another and destroy their school.

I found the overall plot (trying to blow up the school) funny and that's why I decided to buy this series. Four unlikely characters form a friendship as they come together to destroy the school, which they so hate. That may seem a little warped, but oh well. I like the characters in this story and the fact that it isn't dragged out (e.g. it's not, like, 16 volumes).

X-Day was created by Setona Mizushiro. It's two volumes long and has been published in English by TokyoPop.

This series is rated 16+. There are some mature situations and the overall fact that the characters are trying to blow up their school. ^_^;


Rika (11)- The main character. She used to be on the track team and was a great athlete until she hurt herself. After that she never rejoined the team, even though her wound healed. Her boyfriends has, also, recently broken up with her and started going out with someone else. Still, she always keeps on a happy face. (I have to mention, her old boyfriend was a real JERK!!!)


Nanaka (Polaris)- At school Nanaka is quiet and shy, but outside of school she dresses...uniquely... and is bold. She was the one who decided to actually blow up the school and gathered the other three members. She tried to commit suicide after her favorite band broke up. (I really like the way she dresses outside of school. It's so cute! ^^) She supports Reichi and they get pretty close in the second volume.


Yumihiko (Mr. Money)- The youngest of the group (by just one year). He seems very sweet. Yumihiko doesn't have a very good family life at all. He fell in love with Rika the first time he saw her, and tells her so. ^^; He wants to be useful and that's why he lets his mother mistreat him and joined these three (in the chat room). He has a fear of women because of his abusive mother.


Reichi (Jangalian)- The timid and anti-social biology teacher. There's a really creepy woman obsessed with him... talk about a stalker. He really doesn't like to talk to other people and only likes cute things (like his adorable hamster).

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