Zodiac P.I.

Lili can tell the future using horoscopes and astrology. This is where Lili's secret identity as the Spica, Zodiac P.I. gets her power to solve crimes. With her magical ring Lili finds the truth of mysterious murders and other crimes. When Lili's childhood friend, Hiromi, comes back from the United States he begins to help Lili solve crimes. Besides school, solving mysteries, and dealing with a rather eccentric father, Lili searches for her mother, the former Spica..

I really took a liking to the art in this series. The eyes are super big and Lili is always wearing such cute outfits. I have to say, the spirits if the signs (e.g. Demeter, spirit of the Virgo) are extremely cute! I liked the fact the hero in the series, Hiromi, is actually smart and can figure out Spica is Lili when coming face to face with her (unlike other heroes, who would stare the heroine right in the face and couldn't figure out who she was).

Zodiac P.I. was created by Natsumi Ando. The manga has been published in English by TokyoPop.

Zodiac P.I. rated age 7+. There are murders, but nothing too graphic.


Lili Hoshizawa- The main character who possesses the secret identity of Spica, Zodiac P.I. She is strong, smart, and cute. She calls Hiromi Hiro, which really annoys him. Her dad is a police officer and her mom use to be Spica P.I., but is now missing.


Hiromi Oikawa- He use to be friends with Lili when they were little. He recently returned from the U.S., where he earned a college degree in criminal psychology. He helps solve crimes, like Lili. Hiromi has a weird allergy to girls. If a girl touches him he breaks out in a rash. Poor guy. ^_^;


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