Ryo is a New York City cop, who has just joined the 27th Precinct. Ryo is kind, soft-spoken, and polite, the opposite of his newly assigned partner, Dee. Dee soon takes a liking to Ryo and makes it his mission to get him into bed. There's no way in Hell that is going to happen if Ryo has anything to say about it. Ryo meets a troubled youth, named Bikky, who, after the death of his father, he lets move in. This would work out great if Bikky didn't hate Dee, and make it his job to protect Ryo from Dee's evil advances. As Ryo and Dee work together, solving case after case, and braving all kinds of dangers, they grow closer to one another. There will be other road blocks in their relationship, though. Dee has his share of obsessed admirers, as does Ryo, not to mention Ryo's doubt about the relationship to begin with. Will these two ever get together?

If you haven't already figured it out shounen-ai is a big theme in this manga (which means there are men loving men). Dee falls hard for Ryo and the manga puts a lot of focus on Ryo's growing feelings for Dee, as well. There is a fair share of comedy in this, which nicely contrasts the violence shown in the police work. The supporting characters are given time to develop, which is always great, adding to the depth, and attachment the audience has with secondary characters.

FAKE was created by Sanami Matoh. It has been published in English by TokyoPop. There is an anime series of FAKE.

This series is rated 16+. There is violence, slight swearing, and mature subjects (Ryo and Dee can get quite "intimate").


Ryo (Randy) Maclean- A New York City cop who just is partnered up with Dee upon joining the 27th Precinct. He is polite, follows the rules, and utterly annoyed by Dee's constant flirting. He is very kind to all those he meets, especially kids. Ryo is very dedicated to his work. He is a trustworthy person, but can be pretty dense sometimes. For a cop he seems kind of naive.


Dee Laytner- He is in love with Ryo and constantly hits on him. Dee will flirt with almost anyone and is very loud and open about his sexuality, quite different from Ryo. He truly cares for his partner, though. Dee has a tendency to break rules and get the chief/commissioner mad. Dee is continually arguing with Bikky, who he finds very annoying. But Bikky and Dee actually have very similar personalities.


Bikky- A 12-year-old boy living with Ryo. He met Dee and Ryo when he had to identify his father's body, after a little mix up with some bad guys. Bikky grew up in the hood and is very tough. After they helped him out he ended up moving in with Ryo. He hated Dee from the beginning and that hate only grew when Dee kept hitting on Ryo. Bikky doesn't like gay couples very much. He feels he must protect Ryo from Dee's busy hands.


Carol- A 15-year-old girl. She made quite an impression on Dee and Ryo, when upon meeting them she managed to steal Ryo's wallet. Carol grew up with Bikky and they become quite close in the manga. She isn't a bad kid, but was stealing wallets to pay for her ill father's bail. She doesn't want to date until she's eighteen, but Bikky has already got his claim on her (not that she minds).


JJ (Jemmy J.) Adams- Talk about obsessed. JJ works at the 27th Precinct and has been a force sniper for a while. His shooting ability can only be matched by that of Ryo's. He is completely in love with Dee and not afraid to show it. He is always jumping on Dee, clinging to him, or kissing him. JJ is, also, very jealous of Ryo.



Rose- He seems to have made himself Dee's rival. The commissioner at the precinct. He lusts after Ryo, pissing off Dee.



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